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Acne and Acne scars are the most frequent problems found among the people of just about all ages. Although teens face eruptions of acne more often and consistently, people in their middle and older ages too, are prone to allergies and skin eruptions of all sort. Thus, age of an individual hardly matters when it comes to skin eruptions, acne and acne scars.

Skin allergies

Acne is the commonest of all sort of skin allergies and it’s quite recurring, which affects people to consume natural herbal remedy to heal them.

With the development of medical science, a high number of conventional medicines can be found on the market nowadays, but they have their own side effects. Sometimes, these traditional medicines worsen the issue as opposed to curing it. As such, a growing number of individuals are turning to the natural and safer alternatives of homeopathy for the purpose of treating themselves.


People’s tendency towards homeopathic acne remedies is slowly gaining popularity. Homeopathic treatment, so far as acne and acne scars are involved, has variable success rate but what causes this holistic therapy even more popular is, there are slight or no side effects. But, it must nevertheless be mentioned that homeopathic treatment is a time consuming therapy and it doesn’t reap instant effects, unlike the normal conventional sort of medicines. The benefit of homeopathy treatment is that, while addressing a minute problem such as acne, it takes into account all the elements of that specific problem and tries to take care of the issue from the very base in order to root out the problem from its source.

It’s for this purpose that some people today seem very confused and feel irritated when they see a homeopath for treating their acne problems, and discover the practitioner asking very irrelevant questions that are certainly not connected to acnes. But it ought to be said that the function of an experienced homeopath would be to analyze the entire case history of the patient, note down and understand the facts of his symptoms and then pick the remedy that’s the fittest to take care of the particular case. The usual elements of homeopathic medications are calendula, hepar sulfur, graphite, silicea, and sulphur.

It’s true that homeopathy treatments don’t have the advantage of the contemporary medical science studies; but it’s also a fact that homeopathy drugs have succeeded in healing and successfully reducing the normal symptoms of acne.

Homeopathy Remedies

Among the highly recommended homeopathic remedies for treating acne associated problem is Silicea. It’s thought to be a key treatment for acnes and it works superbly on skin related ailments of all sort. If used appropriately, Silicea can be a powerful tool for helping individuals and allowing them to root out the acne issues from the base.

Apart from Silicea, a number of the other commonly used homeopathic remedies for treating acne and acne scars are Kali bromatum, Sileneum, Hepar Sulphur, Mizoreum and Staphysagria.

Homeopathy is safe

Homeopathy medicines have been promised to be the safest; safer than the allopath or the synthetic medications. It’s a fact that these medicines hardly contribute to any side effects. Homeopaths claim that the medication is safe since the critical ingredients exist in minimum quantities.

Frequently we come across a growth in symptom or a certain disease with the consumption of homeopathy medication. But it must be remembered that this is the first reaction of the drug and is a component of the remedial measures.

Precaution in Diet

In homeopathy, the medication and its effects become absorbed directly by the tongue. Therefore, while beneath the homeopath’s treatment, individuals are usually advised to prevent the consumption of raw onions, anything sour, coffee, camphor and many others.