Femme se grattant la tête

Is there any way to tell if you child does really have head lice? Perhaps you’ve discovered something in their hair or have noticed they are scratching their heads a lot. But how can you be certain it is head lice and what’s the best way to do head lice removal? Firstly, you want to see what you’re dealing with.

Les poux sont des parasites qui vivent sur les humains.

They survive by feeding on very tiny amounts of blood that they extract from the scalp. They are typically found, but aren’t necessarily limited on children which are between age twelve and three years old. Although girls are more vulnerable to getting lice, it does not mean that boys are resistant to getting them.

Identifier les poux de tête peut être un peu difficile

Usually bugs do not reside on human the human scalp, so in the event that you find an insect crawling on your child’s scalp that’s brown in color and is about the size of a sesame seed, then you’ve probably found a louse.

The eggs they lay are called nits and are slightly more difficult to identify. You might be looking at dried hair spray up or dandruff as opposed to a nit. Butjust how do you tell the difference? If you see something that’s white on the hair shaft and it comes off easily, it will probably be dandruff. But if it’s yellow or brown in colour and doesn’t come off easily it’s more likely to be a nit. The eggs will seem clear or white once they’ve hatched.

Comment éliminer certaines lentes ou poux

      • Once you’ve shampooed the hair using a committed lice shampoo this may be accomplished in one of a couple ways.
      • Séparez les cheveux en sections d'environ un pouce pendant que les cheveux sont encore humides et, à l'aide d'un peigne anti-poux, peignez les cheveux du cuir chevelu jusqu'à la pointe. Avant de passer à chaque section, assurez-vous d'essuyer le peigne.
      • Sachez que cela peut prendre beaucoup de temps pour bien faire les choses. Mais peigner les cheveux de cette manière pour éliminer les lentes est d'une importance vitale.
      • Some lice shampoos may not always kill the nits and a few might be left to hatch. By simply going through the hair you’re cutting down the probability of another infestation at a later date.
      • Il est également possible d'enlever les poux avec une pince à épiler. Vous le ferez exactement de la même manière que lorsque vous utilisez le peigne, en séparant les cheveux en sections.
      • Disposing of nits and lice when you’ve removed them? They will no longer be sticky when the nits are removed from the hair shaft so that they won’t adhere to a napkin or a paper towel. By this time however, they ought to either be dead or dying.
      • Une excellente façon de s'en débarrasser est de trouver un morceau de ruban adhésif large et de les y coller. Lorsque le ruban adhésif est rempli de poux et de lentes, enroulez-le sur lui, fermez-le dans un sac en plastique hermétique et mettez-le à la poubelle.
      • Clearing bedding, rugs and upholstered furniture of lice can be carried out easily in a number of ways. Anything it is possible to be placed in a washer ought to be washed on a really hot program. Other things it is impossible to put into a washer can be placed to a dryer on a high heat for 20 minutes. It’s also advisable to vacuum rugs and furniture completely, not forgetting your vehicle upholstery too.