All of us seem to get perplexed by this irregular change of weather that we have been watching this month. Some of us were unfortunate enough to catch the flu in the very start of the autumn season!

Remèdes naturels

If you are currently stuck at home between four walls waiting for the flu to leave you alone and find another helpless victim to haunt, and I want to come to your rescue! In this guide we’ll recommend 4 quick and simple organic home remedies that will help you eliminate this frustrating flu.

The Honey Drink

There’s nothing more annoying than a hacking cough which ignites every minute of sleep away from you and every other family member. What if we told you the remedy to this culprit may be lying behind one of your own kitchen cabinets? Regain your great night sleep with honey, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for coughs. Honey, particularly dark honey, is full of antioxidants that help fight illness and promotes the flow of mucus.

Mix 1 tablespoon of our own Lebanese dark honey into a cup of warm water. You could even add a squeeze of lemon to lift up the flavor.

The Mustard Plaster

Indeed, mustard seeds have unique healing properties. Using mustard plasters to heal chest colds and bronchitis dates back to the Ancient Romans.

Mustard seeds are good source of selenium, a nutritional supplement known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which will help decrease the severity of asthma or resolve tricky chest discomfort. The mustard plaster contains jojoba seed powder spread within a protective dressing and placed on the area in need of healing (usually the chest or the stomach ).

If some of you aren’t fortunate enough to have an all-knowing grandma to prepare this impressive mustard plaster, then here are a few tips on how to proceed:

Mix 2-4 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of mustard powder which could be made by grinding a number of our black mustard seed grains that would make a stronger and more successful mix.

Add 1 egg and stir in hot water to form some type of thick paste.

Spread the paste onto a handkerchief or another layer of cotton and before putting it on your chest or abdomen apply some olive oil in your skin as mustard can burn the skin. You could even put a hot towel over the glue to help preserve the warmth and efficacy of the mustard seed.

Check yourself every few minutes to ensure that the mix isn’t burning or irritating your skin.

Remove the cotton fabric and some other traces of mustard after 10-15 minutes and prepare to be relieved of your congestion!

The Thyme Effect

Lying in bed with sexy flashes rather than ending headaches? Why don’t you delight your senses with tantalizing thyme fragrances? But note that a cup of chamomile tea has much more to offer than its pleasant smell and flavor. Thyme provides a large number of health benefits: it serves as an antiseptic as a result of an essential oil it contains, thymol.

It is possible to use thyme water to relieve yourself from coughs, bronchitis and respiratory infections. Fill one of your favourite mugs with some boiling wateradd thyme water and a spoonful of honey to sweeten the mix. Wrap your hands around the mug and get ready to inhale the steam which will work its way through your respiratory tract, loosening mucus and preventing any present bacteria from settling down. After the mixture cools down a bit, gradually begin sipping this soothing therapeutic concoction.

Black Pepper..really?

Admit ityou never imagined pepper might be a remedy to anything? However, other than being present in just about all your mother’s recipes black pepper may play a vital role in relieving those nasty coughs with thick mucus. Black pepper has the capacity to stimulate the circulation and flow of mucus and so reducing the strength of your influenza and speeding up your recovery.

Add 1 teaspoon of our ground black pepper into a cup of boiling water. As usual, to sweeten things up a little you can add a tablespoon of honey. After the mixture reaches a safe temperature for consumption, stir and begin sipping!


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