Agriculteur plantant de jeunes plants de salade de laitue dans le potager.

There’s a renewed interest in organic gardening and organic foods and the health of our families. With the ideal homemade plant maintenance recipes and ideas you’ll have the ability to reach a natural garden, with healthy foods for you and your loved ones. By lessening the use of industrial chemicals you’ll do your part to help improve the environment.

Engrais maison

Homemade fertilizer recipes to your garden will make it effortless for you to fertilize all your plants. You may always develop tastes for one method over another due to things like ease of use, availability of materials, cost of materials or anything, but creating your fertilizer at home will create pruning your vegetables, fruit trees and flowers simpler for you. And you’ll have the assurance that your food is more healthy for your loved ones. Use items like Epsom salts for fertilizers.

Insecticide maison

First thing you should remember. There are far more good bugs than poor ones, make certain to target your insecticide use to the bugs you really need to kill. Frequently things such as garlic, molasses, hot peppers, etc. are indicated to kill insects.

Fongicide artisanal

The first consideration when utilizing many of the home made fungicides would be to maintain them plump as you use them and make certain to cover all the plant. Interestingly we can frequently target very specific diseases with homemade solutions. Steep a few Ciboulette in water to control Powdery Mildew. Many times the basic things work really well.

Weed Control

A weed is any plant growing where it is not desired. Try to control weeds until they grow and produce seed. There’ll be much less next year. There are a range of home based things we could use to kill weeds, such as salt (be very careful where you use salt). Did you know weeds can be a part of our physical fitness programs? Just pull em.

Engrais vert

Green manure is a crop that’s seeded with the aim of being incorporated into the soil when it’s still green and succulent. The crop species are often legumes due to their ability to fix nitrogen in their own root system and to discharge it back to the soil as the plant breaks down. The organic matter accessible green manure is so great for the soil it is tough to duplicate.


The practice of mixing vegetable matter and a little bit of animal matter together so natural microorganisms can break down the fibrous parts and make a soil amendment. Compost is extremely valuable round the backyard for adding organic matter to soil, serving as a mulch to your plants to control soil moisture and adding nutrients.

Le lombricompostage

Vermicomposting is composting using earthworms to accelerate the process and to create a richer compost to the garden. The microorganisms in the gut of the earthworm break the food down. The castings in the earthworm contain large numbers of these microorganisms in addition to organic matter. The advantage of the microorganisms to the soil is unmeasurable. Did you know? Vermicomposting can be achieved in an apartment since the worms hasten the composting process and remove the odor.

Thé de compostage

The best liquid fertilizer you may make. Use mulch out of vermicomposting to make compost tea and use a diluted version of the resulting liquid, for all your plants. You may use regular compost or even animal manure for compost tea bur vermicompost is obviously the one of choice. Compost tea is often recommended for spraying your plants to control some fungal infections. Soak the compost for at least two weeks.

Amélioration des sols

The appropriate treatment of your soil is of prime importance in getting the most healthy and flavorful food feasible for the family. The spring hurry to plant our crops often means we don’t take the time to prepare the most significant part of our garden. Slow down just enough to prepare your seed bed correctly.

Homemade Houseplant Fertilizer

Most of us enjoy houseplants particularly in the winter months when the days are short, the weather is cold and snow is regular. Using homemade products to receive lush green houseplants helps to brighten the winter period and prevents unwanted compounds in the home. Try black coffee diluted 1:4 water every 2 weeks.

When you grow your own food, control the fertilizer you use, the pesticides you use and harvest your garden produce, you know what you’re feeding yourself and your loved ones. Can you be that certain of the food that you buy?