Left right human brain concept, textured illustration. Creative left and right part of human brain, emotial and logic parts concept with social and business doodle illustration and art paint splashes

There are a number of new books and strategies that promise to develop the mental abilities of the mind.

How to be an entire brainer?

Research indicates that if you exercise your less dominant area of the brain, another component will also improve. However, if you don’t exercise your feeble mental side satisfactorily, you’re not likely to be an entire brainer. There might be times when you believe you used the correct side of the mind, and you maybe perfect. However, it’s necessary to use it regularly, not sometimes. Research indicates that by adulthood, 98 percent of the populace become left brainer. It’s therefore, important that we find ways to activate the right brain, to be able to balance our mental abilities. There are numerous tools, exercises and techniques to maintain your brain active.

Your creativity and productivity can be improved through specific right-brain concentrated exercises. Although some men have high IQ levels and are thought to be very smart, they may lack creativity as a result of stressful pressures on their mental or psychological energies. Left brain dominance may be a barrier to your ability to let go and relax more which is a right brain activity.

B-Techniques & Tools to Stimulate Your Right Brain

Right brain stimulation tools are numerous and include various exercises such as: creative writing, brain games, quizzes, crossword puzzles, word games, and word association. However, the key effective tools are: sports, nature, mind mapping, meditation, visualization, massage, brainstorming, color therapy, aroma therapy, acupressure, peripheral vision (hakalau), breathing methods and hypnosis.

Jigsaw Puzzles

You can activate the perfect brain as soon as you start to use spatial, visual and perceptual sensing. Whenever you assemble a jigsaw puzzle and try to work out how to link the pieces to one another, you are in effect using spatial understanding. Using the bits for the last image is accessing the visual perception. Based on Michael Pitek of The Performance Group, these mental exercises are stimulant to the ideal brain.


This could be individual or group brainstorming. It was initially developed in the 1950’s by Alex Osborn as an effective instrument to get answers to problems. It’s like an informal method to address issues in a relaxed setting, using your lateral thinking. Research indicates that individual brainstorming is significantly more powerful than the group. It’s all about focusing on a problem and trying to create as many solutions as you can. It promotes the free flow of ideas without criticism or judgment or evaluation, with a customary time limit of 30 minutes. By preventing the evaluation process you in effect”shut off” your left brain and permit the ideal side to begin working and thinking creatively.


Sports are great exercise to the body, in addition to good right brain exercises. Physical exercises create spontaneity and visual imaging capability. Sports are exercises for the body and equally essential for the mind, particularly the ideal brain. Research indicates that between 20-30 minutes of continuous exercise, the mind begins releasing endorphins which help boost decent mood and feeling great. Endorphins are released from the ideal brain. Therefore, the more you exercise, the more action occurs on your right brain. Also, during any sport, athletes will need to make quick decisions concerning the growth of the score of this game, and they have to access visual or cognitive characteristics of the perfect mind to achieve those decisions.

Peripheral Vision (Hakalau)

The technique is known as peripheral vision and essentially means expanding your vision to see in the periphery. This is the reverse of foveal vision, the acute concentrated vision which you would have if you’re for instance, threading a needle. You will become more aware of the movement of objects as opposed to on color or the objects themselves. This technique is also known as Hakalau from the Hawaiian tradition of Huna, but has also been known as the Zen gaze, the Silent Witness, and an assortment of other terms. It’s a technique of altering your sight, and finally transforming your vision. The perfect way to practice Hakalau is to discover a place with no distractions, relax, and take a few deep breaths. As you concentrate on the advantages, just relax and keep your eyes open. You might feel little sleepy that is quite ordinary. Studies indicate that using peripheral vision will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, an activity that happens at the right side of their mind. It’s important to remember that Hakalau is also effective in inducing change, much like hypnosis.


Meditation is one of the most effective mind tools ever developed. Studies demonstrate that meditation enhances memory, imagination, intellect, alertness, and it synchronizes both areas of the brain. It’s known that it will improve physical, mental, and emotionsl health. Many mystics have their pupils develop more internal and psychic awareness through meditation. It works as it neutralizes the continuous stream of ideas that control most of our heads. To get best effects of meditation, it’s ideal to sit and breathe slowly and listen to body sensations.

For over 2,500 years, Buddhist monks have practiced meditation for spiritual development. They also used meditation for other benefits such as: calmness, inner strength and to get subconscious thoughts and feelings. Regular meditation may also change the structure of our brains increasing depth in the areas of their brain associated with attention and processing sensory input.


Visualization is all about imagining or seeing things on mind Creative visualization is to consciously pick a picture and see it on your mind. If you would like to shed weight, you imagine a picture of you being skinny. Visualization is a technique used by everyone whether they know it or not. The perfect brain and the subconscious mind UM utilize the language of pictures. To communicate directly with your UM, use pictures or visualization methods. You need to see yourself doing it in mind, then you can do it. This is the reason why in sports, athletes using visualization techniques get better scores and achieve higher performance level.

Creative Writing

There are approaches that are effective in”shutting off” the left brain, allowing the ideal side to be more lively. Creative writing classes often use this process to fight”writer’s block” The logical left side may be idle during these tasks as meditation (repeating a mantra or phrase over and above ) or in sensory environments. The ideal brain is then able to”access” our consciousness, filling our ideas with images. One way to utilize creative writing is to keep a journal and write how events and experiences make you feel. You may write about your emotions and feelings of the situation as opposed to describing the circumstance. Rather than”I have turned down for the advertising,” write the way you felt about it. This exercise is counter-intuitive for many left-brainers but useful in activating your right brain.


It’s no secret that people that are connected with nature are right brainers. Living in harmony is one of the greatest tools for activating your right brain. Nature will keep you in a constant state of Theta, a ideal brain state. Not only your anxiety level will be minimal, but also your mental alertness and your memory will be at optimal level. Being connected with nature lets you neutralize the analytical side of you and rather “sense” the surrounding environment, which is a normal right brain activity.

Techniques de respiration

There are various kinds of breathing. Some breathing techniques are excellent for boosting white blood cells and for that reason, very effective for the immune system. Martial arts breathing is extremely great for increasing body energy. Other breathing tools are for releasing stress like Reichan therapy. Slow breathing can also be effective for accessing Theta condition, and for that reason, can trigger the right side of their mind. Mixing breathing with hypnosis is extremely effective for many advantages, and nearly all are appropriate brain based.


Self hypnosis or hypnosis downloads are both very helpful in stimulating your right brain, along with many other benefits. In hypnosis, under mild trance, you’re in Theta state, a favorable condition for your brain. Under Theta, you have the ability to activate your memory capabilities and release positive hormones such as Serotonin & Endorphins. Under deep trance, you’re in Delta state, the most healthy state for your entire body and brain. In Delta, your mind rate slows down to a range between 0.1-4 cycle/second. This is the condition where all health recuperation occurs. Under Delta, your body recreates fresh cells. Your Unconscious Mind UM responds quite well to all suggestions. Change will happen more intensely and quickly under these 2 states. Theta & Delta are equally right-brain actions.