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Anybody who suffer from frequent gout attacks believe the most plausible conclusion is to receive physician prescribed medication to help treat the problem. But did you know there are herbal remedies for gout that work just as well as their prescription based counterparts?

Prescription ou remèdes naturels ?

Well, the jury is in and it’s good news for people who suffer with gout attacks. A recent analysis of 120 individuals who had regular gout attacks were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5 effective prescribed drugs were compared to their own herbal counterparts. The results? Of all the prescribed drugs, the maximum score was using a 4.4 rating.

Gout care scored similar results as an effective alternative to prescription established medications. This is significant as it means that gout sufferers don’t need to spend their money on high priced physician prescribed medications and can opt for other herbal supplements for the very same results.


In the same study, the respondents were asked to rate many organic remedies to gout on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. From the 120 contested, the top natural remedy for all those polled was cherry juice, followed by baking soda, celery seed extract and triggered charcoal.

This means that there are alternatives to using steroids and other prescribed drugs for gout and the majority of these drugs, when compared side by side, aren’t more advantageous than treating gout using herbal supplements and frequent natural gout remedies that many see as “folk medicine”.