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I’m not a doctor or another health practitioner, so I don’t have extensive training or specialized training in treating psoriasis. But I have suffered from psoriatic arthritis and scalp psoriasis. In fact, I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis off and on for 40 years.

How to Treat Psoriatic Arthritis

Thankfully, I’ve just had one bout of psoriatic arthritis during a very stressful time in my entire life. No doctors could diagnose my psoriatic arthritis as it’s extremely similar to rheumatoid arthritis but not as well known or understood. Thanks to a ancient herbs and a tonic from Australia, I’m now basically symptom-free from both diseases. Here is exactly what I required to have healthy joints and skin:

Salicylic acid and coal tar solution

Find a product which contains 10% salicylic acid and 10% coal tar solution in an olive oil base, which assists in scalp penetration. You might have attempted products before that contain these components, but probably not in those high concentrations.

Apply it to your scalp every night for 2 weeks. Or you might be able to have a dermatologist prescribe these options to get a compounding pharmacy to create for you. I had one of the worst possible instances of scalp psoriasis, but because I used this product seven months ago, I’ve been 99% plaque free.

It is suggested that you keep your clear scalp using a shampoo twice a week and employ a lotion only to plaques, if necessary. I do get tiny plaques from time to time but two or three treatments with the cream are sufficient to make them vanish.

Boswellia, cayenne pepper, devil’s claw, and chlorophyll

Boswellia is an herb used in Ayurveda for arthritis and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cayenne pepper is used to increase blood circulation. For centuries, devil’s claw has been used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Chlorophyll is used to combat infections, heal wounds, and promote the health of the immune system.

When treating any disease, you must remember the wide variations among people; not all treatments work for all people. I read about this treatment combination for psoriatic arthritis and it entirely eradicated my arthritis and joint swelling in a week. I had suffered from psoriatic arthritis for around four months.


No one knows exactly what causes psoriasis, but we do understand the predisposition for psoriasis is usually passed on genetically. It has been stated it is the body’s way to release negative or stress emotions.

If you would like to discharge psoriasis from the human body, find a way to unwind. And take these herbs and drugs. They do not have any known side effects, unlike the Western pharmaceuticals which are typically prescribed for psoriasis like cortisone drugs.