Une tasse de tisane (tilleul) photographiée sur une couverture beige confortable avec des fleurs d'herbes en arrière-plan.

Like a lot of people, I have high blood pressure. Fortunately, we think it was diagnosed early enough to prevent major organ damage, but this isn’t always true. I’m very lucky in this aspect. Stage one high blood pressure begins at 140/99. Mine at diagnosis was 178/123.


Il existe un grand nombre de raisons pour lesquelles votre tension artérielle peut être élevée. Les trouver et les atténuer fait partie de la lutte pour la faire baisser, et souvent, vous aurez besoin de médicaments pour la réduire jusqu'à ce que vous soyez capable de les atténuer. Vous pourriez être surpris par un certain nombre d'entre elles.


Here’s an experiment for you to try. Take your blood pressure before you have any caffeine and take it after swallowing some. You may be surprised by the results. This allegedly safe stimulant can pack a punch in raising BP. If you believe you are safe because you only drink decaffeinated coffee, think again. They’ve taken out half of the caffeine, but the other half is still there and still powerful.


If one or both of your parents have it, you will likely develop it. It’s one of those few things you can not change when attempting prevent or get over the issue. However, the information is important when you would like to avoid organ damage. Have yours taken each time you see your physician. You might also need to invest in a barbell set of your own for home monitoring.


The body’s response to the kind of threat might have a increase in BP. This is partially because of “fight or flight” reactions. However, if the issue is due to whiplash or other neck issues, it might be a different issue. Some research shows that there’s a communication of sorts between portions of the neck and the area of the brain associated with involuntary muscle action.

Herbes et médicaments

Some medications and herbs can cause this issue and/or make them worse. Medications for weight loss, NSAID pain relievers and cough/cold drugs are high on the list of offenders. Réglisse and rosemary may also be culprits. It’s very important to read the warning labels on drugs to be able to learn if they’re inclined to be a threat.


If you’re overweight whatsoever, your pressure will be higher. If you’re obese, it’ll be even worse. The more weight you lose, the greater your numbers will be.


Qui n'est pas stressé de nos jours ? Le marché, nos efforts de guerre, les tensions au travail et bien d'autres choses encore peuvent certainement causer un problème dans votre vie. L'hypertension artérielle n'est que l'un d'entre eux.

Que faire ?

Now that you might have the ability to determine how a lot of these offenders are working on your life, it is time to discover a solution. Some of it’s simple but not simple. Here are a few hints:

Coupez la caféine

Really, it is significant in more ways than just your BP numbers. It’s hard on your heart and your mind. If you drink a whole lot of it, back of gradually or you’ll have an enormous headache brought on by the withdrawal. Once you’ve stopped the addiction, you will be amazed at how much better you feel and how it’s so much easier to fall asleep at night.

Perdre du poids

It’s one of those simple but not simple answers. There are a whole lot of methods to do it and do it safely. You’ll have to educate yourself about carbs, diet and workout plans. If I can do it, I know you can.

Stress au combat

Identifiez les causes de stress et travaillez autour d'elles. Il se peut que vous ne puissiez pas les éliminer, car il peut s'agir de personnes que vous connaissez et aimez. Cependant, il existe des moyens de contourner les gens. S'il y a des choses qui vous stressent et que vous pouvez éliminer, faites-le.


Il existe de nombreuses méthodes que j'utilise pour aider à réduire le niveau de stress. L'une d'elles est l'aromathérapie. Le nerf olfactif est un raccourci direct vers l'esprit, et je crois fermement que certaines odeurs peuvent avoir un effet énorme sur nous. Pour l'anxiété, utilisez des huiles essentielles de lavande ou de camomille.


While you’re enjoying these scents, you might want a cup of herbal tea. I would recommend chamomile, jasmine, lavender or passionflower for this function. All of these have relaxing properties. Do be aware that they might make you drowsy.


If you are not at home or can not use the above suggestions, I also have discovered that imaging can be useful. You’ll want to select a passage that’s peaceful to you. I use Psalm 23. I see myself in the green pasture, I hear the still water and I smell the fantastic food on the table. I am aware that the Shepherd is there to guard me. I’ve dropped my BP over twenty points in ten minutes doing so.


L'hypertension artérielle est en grande partie silencieuse, mais elle ne doit pas forcément vous tuer. Travaillez avec votre médecin et un praticien qualifié en phytothérapie ou en naturopathie pour établir un plan qui vous permettra de contrôler vos chiffres.