Petit garçon heureux s'amusant dans une brouette poussée par son père dans un jardin domestique par une chaude journée ensoleillée. Enfant arrosant des plantes avec un tuyau. Jeux actifs en plein air pour les enfants en été.

Herb gardening with kids is a delightful way to engage kids in gardening as a hobby. Both your teens and young kids will enjoy plant gardening. Teach them about the history of herbs and their many uses. Not only will they get a sense of pride in developing the herbs but they’ll feel a sense of contribution to the family once the herbs are used in cooking. They’ll be amazed at what they’ve accomplished via a mere seed.

Jardinage d'herbes aromatiques

For centuries herb gardening continues to be popular. In addition the majority of the very popular herbs are disease resistant and may conquer very arid climates. There are two benefits to a herb garden hobby. One, they can be planted indoors anytime and if you would like to plant outside they just take a couple of weeks to sprout giving your kids a feeling of wonderment quickly. So if the kids are tired through the chilly months being cooped in side an indoor herb garden is ideal. Pick aromatic smelling herbs or herbs which will liven up your food. Imagine how much fun they’ll have when they scatter fresh basil from their backyard on their pizza.

Avec vos enfants

To start an herb garden with your kids you’ll have to find some easy to find basic products. Start small with six pots that have holes at the bottom. Have the children paint the pots for an extra activity. Next you’ll need either seeds or started plants from your nursery centre or on the net.

Only a few basic simple to locate items are necessary to start an herb gardening project with your kids. The most popular herb crops for kids are Lavande, Sage, Mint, Coriandre, Basil, Persil et Origan. You’ll need some great potting soil also available at the nursery centre. Have on hand some plastic wrap, Popsicle sticks, a marking pen and poster paints if the children will paint the pots.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies it’s time to plant. Fill the pot with soil and have the children scatter a few seeds over the top (check to be certain that the seeds do not overlap). Have them gently place soil over the seeds and light tamp down. Plant more then a few seeds because some seeds won’t sprout.

Water the soil but do not drown it. Herbs don’t like to have “wet feet”. However don’t let them dry out. With your marking pencil, label the Popsicle stick with the title of this herb and insert into the bud.

Pour conserver l'humidité, couvrez le pot d'une pellicule plastique. Veillez à les aérer tous les deux jours pour éviter la formation de moisissures.

Le soleil !

Now it’s time to find a sunny spot to set your herb garden. Herbs require 4 to 6 hours of sunshine each day. In two to six weeks, based upon the herbs you have selected, your seeds will start to germinate. Off with the plastic wrap today they are ready to grow.

The children will love watching them develop and smelling their scents. It’s time to enjoy your herb garden with your kids.


Une fois que les enfants auront réussi dans cette entreprise, vous voudrez peut-être vous diversifier et commencer à cultiver d'autres herbes. Ce travail de jardinage avec vos enfants leur donnera vraiment l'envie d'aimer et d'apprécier les herbes et les jardins.