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Long before the term alternative medicine has been used, aromatherapy was practiced by the Egyptians for over 5,000 years. When used by the Egyptians oil has been extracted from the many aromatic plants around them through extract and then used because of their not only medicinal and cosmetic purposes but also for embalming also. Then they passed the knowledge they had obtained on to the Greeks and it functioned as the commencement of their study into how to use the oils and fragrance of some flowers for their relaxing and stimulating results. Actually when looking back farther in history we discover that ancient man relied very much on his surroundings for their basic needs and to survive that led them to discover the natural methods of preserving food and the way specific conditions can be treated with herbs and aromatics.

A bit of History

To start with we’ll look at Eastern Roots. Using aromatics are shown at a Chinese Herbal Book by Shen Nung dated 2,700 BC and which offers specific details on over 300 plants and how they may be used. Also the ancient Chinese would burn incense and timber as part of their spiritual beliefs and practices and even in today’s modern society many Chinese still observe these practices now. You’ll also find that the Chinese used aromatics in regard to the acupressure, massage and other therapies that they employed.

Whilst today in modern society a lot of individuals place a very large premium on their health and wellbeing but because of the high price of traditional and conventional medicines available, more and more people are turning into aromatherapy and essential oil treatment in addition to other forms of alternative medicine.

The Fundamentals of using essential oils in an aromatherapy bath are as follows:

      • It facilitates balance of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of an individual through natural means.
      • Sometimes it’s been discovered that alternative treatments are regarded as powerful and effective as complementary remedies to routine medical practices.
      • The main part of aromatherapy is the crucial oils and are highly concentrated essences that are known for their therapeutic effects.

Essentials oils

They are odor producing oils that come from flowers like the rose, from leaves like basil, twig, bark, fruit rind and several other parts of plants. Although experts say that extracting the oils can be rather time consuming and complicated and requires lots of patience on behalf of the person carrying out the job the advantages at the end are terrific.

Certainly you will need to recognize and accept that in the event you wish to have about 5 tsp of oil from rose petals it takes about 220lbs of petals to take action and that is the reason pure essential oils are so costly. Although the potency of the oils isn’t comprised as it takes just a couple of drops to create the effect required. However there’s a cheaper option namely synthetic oil, but they don’t offer the person the exact same healing properties as their natural counterparts.

How They Work?

Essential oils work by stimulating an individual’s olfactory system and later on the mind or limbic system. The fragrance along with different properties and effects about the oils will determine how an individual’s body system and its components are stimulated. Whilst using a massage with these oils they aren’t only absorbed by the body but are inhaled at exactly the exact same time and finally when being absorbed through the skin they’ll reach the organs and body of the individual being treated. The time it takes for the oils to absorb through the skin may be from as little as 20 minutes and take as long as two hours or longer and there it is sensible to avoid taking a shower or tub straight after any massage so the maximum effect is obtained in the massage therapy.

The time that the impact continues on a individual could fluctuate from 3-24 hours to 2-3 days or even provided that week. Oils which have a short live time period in respect to their odor are Eucalyptus, Menthe poivrée, Thym and Bergamot whilst Hysope, Lavande, Balm and several other oils can last between two to three days. The oils which take as long as a week to completely vanish are Jasmin, Bois de santal, Gingembre et Cèdre Wood.


Many people when using aromatherapy are seeking to achieve a sense of calm in their lives and these individuals will look to using a mix of three kinds of oils to aid with this and they will base them on how long they last. They may be used by mixing them in a warm tub and will assist someone to become calm and relaxed, they will help to eliminate the stress and depression they are feeling and both energizing and soothing the body of any aches they are feeling. Certainly by using essential oils during a massage can help increase the soothing and healing effect that the man is feeling. However any massage carried out with essential oils should also have a carrier oil to help prevent irritation and skin responses on the individual being treated. Such carrier oils which are utilised to dilute the essential oils include avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, soya oil and hazelnut oil.