Silhouette au lever du soleil d'un homme debout en eau peu profonde et pratiquant des mouvements de chigong ou de tai chi, Parc d'État du lac Boyd dans le nord du Colorado

There are numerous styles of Qi Gong but they can all be roughly divided into one of those distinct types: medical, health, martial.

Originally Qi Gong’s Means

These systems were intended to be utilised as a means to become a more effective and dynamic person and to cultivate energy, mental focus and emotional calm, and was freely available to all. It was really confined to priests and monks before the end of the early twentieth century.

Health Qi Gong

It is acceptable for every one of all ages and physical abilities. It comes in many types and varieties but all styles are based on similar principles including a relaxed, suspended position and a straight, supple spine. A specific breathing technique, smooth, graceful moves and serene awareness are also necessary to the practice. The designs can be further divided into static and dynamic forms.

Dynamic Qi Gong

It unites the body’s moves together with the breath and mind to reach a calm mind via a moving body.

Static Qi Gong

It uses standing, sitting and posing bearings to combine the breath and mind.

Medical Qi Gong

In medical Qi Gong, a qualified practitioner uses their ability to control their patients energy so as to cure a disease. They treat the entire body and focus on the origin of the illness. The treatment a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practitioner usually does not even have to touch the customer. It is noninvasive and concentrates on strengthening and redistributing the body’s vital energy.

Martial Qi Gong

could be traced back to the monks of the 6th century AD where they discovered that practicing the practice had a beneficial impact on their energy and fighting techniques. This type can be further divided into internal and external styles, or soft and hard Qi Gong. The hard style trains the artist to control their energy in such a way it is accumulated and concentrated to such a level that their body becomes like iron, and they can thus break bricks or ice or be exposed to much force themselves with very little damage to their bodies. Soft Qi Gong also controls chi but it utilizes the flow of energy rather than stopping it. An artist can control this stream to create something like a shockwave causing much harm to an opponent’s internal organs.