Flowers have long been considered among the most beautiful things in the world. We give them to one another at times of joy and at times of genuine grief. They’ve been the subject matter of poets and artists for centuries, and for good reason. However, for those folks who are flower fans, the seasons change, as well as the coming of winter we wave goodbye to their attractiveness.

Flowering Houseplants

Many people forget that there are several flowering houseplants that can fill your winter days with remarkable beauty. A houseplant can brighten just about any dark or cold corner of a house and turn the dull or depressing into something vibrant. A house with lots of houseplants feels alive and conveys something about the life span of those who reside there. If you haven’t tried to develop some flowering houseplants then you need to give it a try instantly. Here’s a list and set of descriptions of a few of my favorite flowering houseplants:

Flowering maples

(also known as Abutilons) are extremely delicate and possess remarkable bell shaped blossoms. Flowers are available in many different colours, such as pink, red, white, yellow, and cherry. Some folks report using these plants bloom through the winter. My friends have said that they flourish in well fertilized soil and with a great deal of light.


Jasmines are another excellent choice for a flowering houseplant because they tend to emit lovely scents. They do well in nitrogen rich soil and they do well in full sun or with a few colour.

Angel trumpet

It is a remarkable plant with very large drooping blossoms. It’s highly aromatic and can bloom throughout the winter. Keep this plant well watered and be certain it gets direct sunlight.


A favorite of mine is the passionflower vine that can grow up a trellis or other structure. The flowers are really amazing and give off an amazing scent. Like so many other crops, passionflower vine requires a great deal of exposure to sun.


It is an alternative, but not one that you may think about when thinking about an indoor plant. Lavender likes a good deal of sunlight but it doesn’t need a enormous amount of water. The best thing about the plant is that it creates that wonderful lavender odor. Imagine a house in the dead of winter, nothing living outside, filled with the fragance of fresh lavender!


These are simply a couple of many great flowering houseplants that you ought to think about trying in your house or office. Remember that flowering houseplants do not have to go in a house! They can easily be grown in numerous environments without a lot of work. An otherwise impartial office becomes something beautiful and distinctive every time a fantastic houseplant is brought to it. There are a variety of options in regards to where you place the plant-don’t be limited!


Realize that houseplants have their own set of requirements which you ought to be conscious of. Many can be readily over watered and suffer with severe rot issues. Make certain that you never drench your houseplants or to just place them under a sink. This may also literally drown the roots and kill the plant immediately. With this said, you need to understand that flowering plants generally need a little more water than non-flowering plants. This is because they need more energy while in the process of flowering. Give them a little additional water but do not drown them. If your first attempts with flowering houseplants are failures keep trying. With some patience and hard work you’ll see wonderful results for many years to come!


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