Herbes de médecine alternative et stéthoscope sur fond blanc

Home health treatments made with herbs, plants and natural elements can do a great deal for you. Contrary to aggressive chemical drugs their activity is light and beneficial for your body.


Our health, our survival is mortgaged, we keep ignoring that we are colonized by the pharmaceutical industry and our health system. While a growing number of drugs are being developed, we have not suffered so much from cardiac, neurological, psychological and immune support ailments.

We continue to ask our governments to fund the cost of this significant degradation of our health state. We continue to push medical spending through the roof by using and consuming presciption drugs which are toxic to our system and can cause serious side effects. Perhaps, we shouldn’t accept to be so reliant on products developed by the pharmaceutical companies and funded by governments. Maybe… we should conquer our liberty and recover our health state through home health treatments.

Méthodes naturelles

Allow me to take you with me and bring you to the…. kitchen. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, plants and other organic elements can form your army of home health treatments and they can help you win the war for increased wellness and improved health. Don’t wait tomorrow, start now!! Don’t think I’m “green” or vegetarian. I just believe we ought to nourish our body with essential nutrients and reduce the damages caused by toxins from drugs, processed foods and polluted water. Redefine the equilibrium between the “great” and the “bad”.

Only your will and desire to change how you treat your body can make a difference. Just consider manufacturers of canned food, alcohol, tobacco and precriptions or over-the-counter medication. Why are they becoming richer while our health is becoming poorer? We’re advised that processed products are great while they’re actually toxic. Consumers are duped and the day that they start asking for more and better, non-toxic products will makers respond. The same holds for pharmaceutical companies: if we need more natural home health treatments, just then, will the creation of noxious drugs go down and drugs suggested become really beneficial for our health.

Traitements à domicile

While we should begin a wave of “new” demands, we have numerous home health treatments readily available. Combined with a healthy diet and appropriate physical activity they could treat specific conditions like constipation, toothache, sore throat, hemorrhoids, colds, cough, dry hair, heartburn, etc..

We’ve put together a selection of free home remedies (see under the left navigation bar). To get good results those recipes have to be ready correctly and the treatments taken daily throughout the length of the treatment. They are primarily composed of plants and herbs that will provide their whole healing action.

How to?

    • Prepare them in non-metallic heat-resistant pots
    • Use the Ideal quantity indicated
    • Prepare them one or two nights prior to the daily ingestion; let rest in the pot for better outcomes
    • Each condition takes a 3-week therapy. Then stop for a week and evaluate the outcomes
    • Several home health remedies are suggested for the identical condition. You can change the recipes to reduce the risk of dependence
    • Home remedies aren’t “magical” remedies. Evaluate the results and determine if they are working well for you
    • Plants can be stored for up to a year; mixes ready should be kept in a cool location


We realize that preparing home health remedies isn’t always practical. Time and funding constraints may make it hard. But they are a part of a “bundle” to enhance your health which should also have a balanced diet, exercise and health supplements.