Close up of wild blossoming pink and red clover (Trifolium pratense) flower on green leaves background on meadow in summer. Soft selective focus fotography.

Menopause is a vital stage in each woman’s life. It typically starts during late forties or early fifties due to poor ovarian function and is characterized by the disappearance of interval and so inability to get pregnant.

Équilibre hormonal

During this period woman’s body changes, action of hormones becomes distinct and ovary stops producing estrogens. This abrupt change made body to respond strongly. The first noticeable sign of menopause is changes in the interval from the kinds of irregularity, less or more blood than normal. Another important issue is hot flashes; a very frequent and unpleasant symptom, and happens due to changing estrogen level. Moreover, due to the same reason, the vagina may become thinner, drier and make sexual intercourse painful or infections of the genital area can happen more frequently. Among other symptoms mood changes, heart palpitations, sweating, etc. could be noticed. Sometimes these symptoms may last even for a couple of years after menopause.

Que faire ?

Menopause is different for each woman. It could be simple, almost without symptoms, and reverse. For many women, this uncomfortable phase of life can be quite long and difficult. Useful Herbs for Menopause, if you feel uncomfortable, have a look at these herbal and natural remedies, and perhaps they can make you feel better.

Actée à grappes noires

This plant grows in Eastern North America and contains phytochemicals, which relieves and even eliminates completely undesirable symptoms of menopause such as heart palpitations, hot flashes and many others. Also, this plant contains phytoestrogens, like natural estrogens in the body. That’s the reason black cohosh is so much effective.

Dong Quai

You may also use this valuable herb to feel better. In China, it’s extremely popular and well known for its rich sources of phytoestrogens. Also it contains A, E, B12 and other vitamins. Dong Quai also increases blood circulation and reduces dryness of vagina and hot flashes.

Trèfle rouge

It’s currently acknowledged as one of the best herbs, which reduces menopause symptoms. As the other herbs I said, red clover also has phytoestogens and thus it can help you a lot. Moreover, it has rich sources of minerals and vitamins. This herb can help to heal such menopause signs as hot flashes, mood changes as well as others.

Maca Root

It’s another significant herb, which has been used for ages. Maca root contains adaptogen and it can help to balance hormones in the body. Another fantastic thing is that this root also contains vitamins and minerals. It will help to reduce hot flashes, vaginal dryness.

Ginkgo biloba

Extract of the herb is extremely beneficial for you. It improves blood flow to the genital region. Also, it helps with memory loss and improves mental health.


These herbs should really enable you to seek relief from unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Just be sure you aren’t allergic to any of these herbs. Furthermore, use of appropriate diet is also very essential. Always try to be stress free as well healthy.