We all have an Energy body that’s a really intricate system. Each air has a seemingly clear boundary and very individualistic, but at exactly the exact same time one must also take note that every energy body is real energy, so it can’t remain isolated. Our energies are continuously subjected to so many other energy bodies and therefore are vulnerable to creating cloudy, closed, and off sync chakras consequently. Healing the chakra is easy to do and can be particularly beneficial. Using stones enhances and intensifies the recovery and aligning procedure.

There are numerous stones that are acceptable for each chakra. Below are the 4 most popular crystals used for corresponding chakras:

Healing Stones for every Chakras

Root Chakra – Red: Grounding – Base of spine

Stones can be placed in the feet too
1. Bloodstone- Helps alleviate anxieties which can lead to unbalance within the body
Promotes detoxification thereby strengthening the kidneys, liver and spleen
2. Agate- Enhance self-esteem, help physical and psychological security
Helpful in removing negativity
3. Smoky Quartz- An fantastic grounding crystal which helps you focus on the current Helpful in dissolving negative energy and emotional blockages.
4. Tiger’s Eye- Encourages optimism

Sacral Chakra – Orange: Joy

Just below the belly button
1. Citrine- Helps develop emotional maturity
Helpful during periods of emotional instability
2. Carnelian- Helps dissolve sorrow from the emotional self
Promotes physical energy required to do it in emotionally challenging situations
3. Moonstone- Helps in improving feminine side
Calms emotions to find a situation more objectively
4. Rutilated Quartz- This rock is beneficial to all of the chakras for meditation, healing and spiritual development. Helps stabilize relationships and psychological imbalances

Solar Plexus – Yellow: Growth, Physical Health and Creativity

Between naval and base of sternum
1. Calcite- (Golden or yellowish ) Helpful with dysfunctions of the pancreas, kidneys and spleen. Helpful in “kick starting” the Solar Plexus after a clearing.
2. Malachite- helps link the Solar Plexus into the Heart Chakra to market the compassion necessary in preventing private power from becoming lost.
3. Sunstone- Known for bringing good luck. Good for reducing stomach strain and ulcers
4. Yellow Citrine- Helps you to get their personal power and enhances self confidence
Helpful in overcoming addictions along with digestive issues

Heart Chakra – Green: Compassion and Unconditional Love

Center of torso
1. Rose Quartz- Helps you become more receptive to joys. Heals emotional wounds.
2. Green Jade- Said to provide protection and reassurance to those feeling vulnerable.
3. Aventurine Quartz- Excellent for depression.Encourages excitement for life
4. Melon d'eau Tourmaline- called the’super activator’ of Heart Chakra and joins with Higher Self. Assists with psychological dysfunction.

Throat Chakra – Blue: Communication

1. Lapis Lazuli- Expands awareness and intellectual capacity. Enhances the mental clarity required to effectively communicate with other people
2. Celestite- Can help out with clairaudience and recalling dreams. Mental clarity
3. Turquoise- Said to help one find their true path. Helpful in creative jobs
4. Sodalite- Encourages objectivity and fresh perspectives, bringing harmony between the conscience and unconscience minds Clarity on how to proceed in life

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo: Intuition and Wisdom

Just above and between the eyes
1. Calcite- Helps Boost the energies of the next eye
2. Purple Fluorite- Brings together rationality and intuition. Increases the ability to focus and strips off false illusions.
3. Azurite- Helpful in stimulating the Third Eye when obstructed or under used
4. Amethyst- A valuable and protective power that creates a calming effect when one is overwhelmed by intellectual and emotional turmoil

Crown Chakra – Violet: Spirituality and selflessness

Top of mind
1.Clear Quartz- An ‘all purpose’ crystal for healing that could enhance, focus and transform energy. Believed to help Kundalini energy motion to bring about the realization spiritual power
2. Herkimer Diamond- Brings stability of energy throughout the entire body Excellent antidepressant. Promotes a desire to be rather than do.
3. Amethyst- Assists in letting go and trusting. Creates a feeling of spirituality and contentment.
4. Diamond- Said to stimulate spirituality and maintain negativity off Symbol of perfection; empowers us to move toward our greatest spiritual potential.

Healing with Stones

Lie on your back, keeping arms and legs uncrossed. Place the stones on the Right chakras, starting with the Root Chakra and finish with the Crown Chakra. Keep them in your body until your brain slows down. It’s important to reach one of the slower brain wave conditions in order for your body to be receptive to the healing process, but don’t fall asleep. If you’re one who meditates frequently or have some experience doing this, meditate with the stones in your chakras for at least 15 minutes. If meditation is new to you, you might realize that listening to a CD with guided meditation makes it very simple for the novice.

Cleaning your Stones

When you’ve completed your meditation with the crystals, make certain to cleanse your own stones. They’ll absorb unwanted energy and have to be cleaned.

There’s more than 1 method for accomplishing this but the easiest approach is to use sea salt. Salt can be mixed with water or use it dry. When using salt water, combine a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic mug of cold water. Don’t use plastic or metal containers. Place the stones in the solution and allow to soak overnight. To use dry salt, then set the sea salt in a glass or non-plastic container and bury the crystals together with the points facing downward into the salt. Again, leave overnight. Sometimes a stone may take longer to clear, especially if it’s been utilized in a profound, intense recovery. If this is true, leave another day or two at the sea salt. When clearing gemstone necklaces it’s ideal to utilize the dry sea salt technique. Ensure that you are only using sea salt, not table salt. Table salt includes aluminum and other compounds.

Another simple way is to use some white sage and burn it before a fantastic strong smoke is coming out of your blossom. Hold the stone in this smoke for at least one minute, ideally three or four minutes.

The last step would be to re-energize your own stones. This can be achieved simply by placing them at a window sill to absorb sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours.


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