Beautiful asian woman harvest tea leaves in tea field in the morning.

Herbs have many practical uses and because of this, they are highly preferred by many. Herbs are usually smallish plants which are used for medicinal and culinary purposes although there are a few herbs in use which come from trees and shrubs. Per the botanical classification system, but the expression herb or herbaceous plant refers just to the short lived, non-woody plants even when they may bear seeds. Herbs are valued principally due to their odor, taste and medicinal property.

A bit history

Herbs have been used by various cultures around the world for centuries. Perhaps the most ancient documentation concerning the use of herbs can be traced to the Ayurveda texts which were first written down around 3000 B.C.. The use of herbs is deeply ingrained in the traditional Indian healthcare system.

The Chinese is just another old culture that has worked with herbs although the historic account of Chinese herbology appears to be later than that of the Indians by some 300 decades. Among the herbs often cited in Chinese manuscripts is the Ganoderma mushroom that’s currently thought to encourage the immune system and protect against cancer.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were very much into using herbs. Olden graphic representations of the kings and royalty like figurines often included crowns of dill and laurel. Then again, crowns made from metal were always shown unadorned.


Herbs are already part of our everyday lives. We’ve gotten used to them in our meals. Different cuisines of the other states can be distinguished by the herbs contained in their recipes. A fantastic example is Thai food, the majority of which list basil leaves among the ingredients. Basil is widely grown and this herb is available all over.

In the last few decades, a growing number of people have become herb growing. You may see herbs planted in people’s gardens as well as in container pots. If you would like to grow herbs also, you’ll find them simple to look after. Just plant them in fertile soil and be certain that you keep them disease-free in order to not eliminate any of their valuable properties.

Le saviez-vous ?

Heavily scented organic herbs are often used as natural insect repellent. Their leaves and other plant components can also be dried for later use. The conventional drying method used is by exposure to sunlight and air while contemporary methodology includes oven therapy. However, oven drying is considered to destroy important elements of these natural herbs so the natural drying by sun and atmosphere is often advised.

The herbal industry includes several small scale businesses engaged in the extraction of essential oils in the stalks, leaves, and roots of specific herbs. You too can create your own herbal extracts at home. Simply soak the herb in oil for a while and its essence will be infused into the oil. It’s said that herbal crops yield the most benefits until they reach full maturity or the flowering phase.

Modern Tea

Herbs are also often taken as tea combination. Modern tea brands carry herbal mixtures within their product lines. The medicinal program of ginseng hasn’t waned in popularity. People continue using herbs in making natural remedies for a range of ailments. As an example, rheumatoid arthritis pain is considered to alleviated by the ingestion of certain herbs. Aromatherapy is also determined by the herbal resources of its essential oils.