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Ritual provides the bridge between inner and outer worlds, and creates a context for linking to the chair of our souls. The final result of all ritual is increased balance, energy, strength, and relaxation.

Everyday Life Rituals

We go about our everyday life doing myriad rituals whose deeper meanings we’ve most frequently forgotten. We brush our teeth, tide, hug, shake hands, offer toasts to celebrate each other, say prayers, offer gifts. We might even put on a lucky hat or pair of shoes, take lucky items or repeat particular words to guarantee success at significant moments. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, retirement, marriage, the departure of a loved one, college graduations which all signify life transitions.

We have a few official rituals in our society but none of them are imbued with their first puzzle and sacred dimension. We might miss the mark if we’re in a hurry and we do not listen to what’s happening all around us, or we can teach ourselves to live at the moment with heart recalling that every moment is sacred if we take some time to slow down and “smell the roses”. Life can become a living ritual as we go about our everyday routines if we listen.

What is Ritual?

In it’s simplest meaning, a ritual is a set of actions performed in a prescribed way. But when we act with profound awareness and dedication to a higher purpose, it’s far more than a simple convention. In our modern world we’ve forgotten how to take the time to honor both the endings and beginnings in our lives, not just the ones we’re accustomed to but the ones we aren’t accustomed to. I’ve discovered that when I’m finishing a relationship with someone, taking the opportunity to make a ritual of some type, a day where my spouse and I could honor what we have shared together and what we might have learned from each other is a very healing approach to let go.

Rituals for Weaving

As a tantrika letting go of my sexual expression with that man or woman is also something very important. Most of us never consider creating a ‘last night of lovemaking’ to discharge this component of our relationship. The sexual part of a relationship creates bonds which are often the toughest to let go of and so having some type of service to do this can be quite helpful in transitioning from the connection.

One definition of Tantra is “weaving,” and rituals in each tradition and civilization weave a mix of the diverse strands of life into a tapestry of healing, harmony and wholeness. Rituals often incorporate dance, song, music, prayer, purification, meditation, invocation, and sacred offerings. We then we request our Spirit to impart a sacred dimension to our aims to deeply move us and touch our soul.

In ritual, we channel the unnamable Gods. When the energy of our objective combines with the ability of our Spirit, miracles happen.

Through ritual we can honor and release the past, reclaiming ourselves for the present and make potential futures for us to step into. Full participation in ritual expands us and moves us into taking the actions we’ve called into existence through the action of the ritual itself. Rituals can help us to take another step in our life or give us the courage to face life’s changes.

Ritual activates, magnifies, and incorporates the energy of our four facilities: our body (through movement, gesture, and dance), our heart (through atmosphere, songs, invocations), our thoughts (through holding a vision, invoking sacred speech), and our Spirit, which manifest through each the above.

Rituals can be spontaneous. Actually my most powerful rituals have been ones that I had an idea about but were made only hours before I was to perform them. Creating a ritual with a buddy or a group of friends is also a wonderful way to share intimate facets of our lives with one another.

Reasons for a Ritual

The following are a few reasons we perform rituals from The Art of Everyday Ecstacy.

– To open ourselves to Spirit.
– To leave the mundane world and enter the realm of the ecstatic.
– To mark a substantial event, passing, a transition, a finish, or a start.
– To express through choreographed gestures our love for life, the divine, and one another.
– To exorcise past traumas and create renewal, creating alterations.
– To mourn, celebrate, pay tribute, or express gratitude or profound regard for one more.
– To combine with the past, our heritage, and our ancestors.
– To reinvent ourselves and our planet.

Successful Ritual

The secrets to making a successful ritual on your own are:

– Keep it simple
– Make it fun, and inside this make it meaningful that you Stay focused and remember your goal and intention
– Remember that you’re creating a bridge from the visible to the invisible. You’re embarking on a epic journey and creating a magical way that you journey – Honor the four facilities and the four directions, call in all these aspects to aid and assist you.

I’ve experienced many kinds of rituals and have created many of my own. I’ve always found them to be among the most effective ways to get a new energy or a new means of seeing myself. Creating a focused ritual could be life altering and offer you a medium by which you can transform your life and yourself.