Lately I had been having trouble sleeping. You know the feeling when mind can not shut down, worrying about everything, turning and tossing, bad dreams and taking a look at the clock a million times.

Typical Healing Stones for Sleeping

I decided to try out the typical suspects for helping me get to sleep such as, Amethyst, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite and Sodalite, well nothing appeared to be working, so I decided to allow the crystals decide what I need to use.

I meditated and kept getting obscure feelings but nothing that I could put my finger on, I guessed I had been trying too hard to find an answer. I feel that because we’re attempting to induce a result, the response becomes even more elusive. Anyway by bed time I still hadn’t discovered a crystal to take with me to help me sleep. I was anticipating another sleepless night.

What you Need just Come to You

I began checking the home to be certain it was locked up and windows shut etc.. I put my hands in the pocket of my cardigan and there was a part of Hematite that I was cleaning on a Citrine Cluster, it must have been there for the majority of the day. I decided that I’d take this with me and see if assisted me sleep any better, as I had been checking the area where my grandson was playing that day I remembered he had be playing some Opal bookmarks, I didn’t remember putting them back, so had a look round and discovered them under the bed, I decided to leave them on the desk and put them away in the afternoon. As I was leaving the room, among the crystals called to me to take it with me, it was the one shaped like a butterfly, the impulse was so strong that I couldn’t resist. So off I went to bed with the Hematite and Opal butterfly that I put under my pillow.

I must have dropped asleep quite quickly that night, since I don’t recall turning and tossing or my mind going over and above the day’s events, like it normally would. I awoke in the morning feeling better than I had done in a few weeks. I’d had the most wonderful dream, about summertime and the birds, flowers and trees. Not the normal one that I’d been having recently about been trapped alone.

Healing Powers of Hematite and Opal

I new that Hematite was a fantastic healing crystal for grounding, but hadn’t used it for sleep before and the healing powers of Opal crystals may be used for memory improvement, creativity, but couldn’t recall why those two healing crystals could have helped me sleep (we can not recall everything that every crystal is capable of as their applications are so varied). I looked up these crystals to see if I could pinpoint a reason for their success.

Opal healing crystals also encourage joyful dreams and allows for the release of inhibitions, I guessed this is what the Opal had brought to me. The Hematite that’s sometimes referred to as the Crystal for the brain, helps us sort out things, and brings relaxing to many situations; again these will be the curative qualities that this crystal attracted to me.

Look what is the Best for You

So you see that sometimes, if the conventional or most widely used healing crystals aren’t working for you, there maybe others out there that can do the job. There are underlying reasons why a specific situation is happening and most often we don’t consciously know the reason behind this. Go with your instinct when choosing healing crystals to care for the conditions, you’ll discover that even though the crystals that you select might not be the “standard” that they’ll do the job quite efficiently.

I have been keeping both of these crystals under my pillow for about a week now and have been getting good sleep and beautiful dreams; I’m feeling that I won’t have to keep doing so for much longer. I also feel much better throughout the day; I find myself smiling at people as I pass them in the road and really excited about the day. Haven’t felt that good in a month or two ^^

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