Atlas Cedarwood

Landscape with majestic Weeping Blue Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica Glauca Pendula) in  Massandra park, Crimea. Sunny autumn day.

White Sage

This is an in situ photograph of a common Native American smudging herb known as Salvia apiana, or White Sage.  Used extensively throughout the United States both as an herbal therapy as well as garden element.

Black Galingale

Black Galingale(Kaempferi a parviflora Wallich.

Wild Geranium

Bloody Cranesbill; Geranium; sanguineum

Angelica Root

Angelica root flowers in the garden

Indian Borage

ndian borage, Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.)

Spike Lavender

Lavandula latifolia or  broadleaved lavender purple flowers