Black Alder

elzenproppen, mature, autumn

Alder is a common hardwood in North America and it is apreciated for creating a fertile and luxuriant environment for surrounding plants life and animals. It is easy to recognize an alder tree thanks to its little fruiting body, which is called a strobile. Usually, tea is made from leaves and tincture from bark.


Scientific name
Alnus glutinosa.

Used plant parts
Bark & Leave.

Other names
Common alder, black alder, European alder, European black alder.

Medicinal properties

Main use: Infection.

Healing effects

        • Oral mucosa infection
        • Gingivitis
        • Fever
        • Ulcers
        • Sore throat

Application methods

        • Orally
        • Topically


Black Alder (Wiktionary)



black alder (countable and uncountable, plural black alders)

  1. (countable, uncountable) A tree (Alnus glutinosa), of many practical uses, growing in moist conditions in Europe.
  2. (uncountable) Wood or other product of the tree.
  3. American winterberry, Ilex verticillata.


  • (Alnus glutinosa): European black alder, common alder, English alder, European alder
  • alder
  • Irish fearnog
  • sticky alder

Derived terms

  • black alder winterberry (Ilex verticillata)


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