Century Plant

Agave americana plant

Century plant is a desert plant with thick leaves, which occurs mainly in Mexico and Central America, but also on the Canary Islands. The plant sap of the agave is used in Mexico to distill schnapps, the well-known Mezcal. Also a diabetic suitable sugar substitute is produced from the thick juice of the century plant. Agave syrup is also very popular.


Scientific name
Agave americana.

Plant family

Other names
Agave, Sentry plant, Maguey, American aloe, Agave cactus, American agave.

Plant parts used

Oxalic acid, rhamnose, saponins, xylose.

Medicinal properties

Healing effects

        • Antibacterial
        • Diuretic
        • Natural sweetener
        • Constipation

Application method

        • Orally

Attention!! Slightly toxic! And the juice can irritate the skin! Only use in ready-to-use preparations, homeopathically or externally, always in low doses.


Century Plant (Wiktionary)



So named because the plant may live for several decades before producing flowers. Once a plant flowers and produces seeds, it dies.


century plant (plural century plants)

  1. An agave (Agave americana) originally from Mexico but cultivated worldwide.


  • American aloe, maguey


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