Kalanchoe Pinnata

Kalanchoe pinnata plant
Leaf of Life, Life Plant
Categories: Medicinal Plant

Kalanchoe pinnata
Kalanchoe pinnata patharkuchi.jpg
Leaf imparipinnate with five leaflets
Scientific classification edit
K. pinnata
Binomial name
Kalanchoe pinnata
  • Bryophyllum calcicola (H.Perrier) V.V.Byalt
  • Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb.
  • Bryophyllum germinans Blanco
  • Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Oken
  • Cotyledon calycina Roth
  • Cotyledon calyculata Sol. ex Sims
  • Cotyledon pinnata Lam.
  • Cotyledon rhizophylla Roxb.
  • Crassula pinnata (Lam.) L.f.
  • Crassuvia floripendia Comm. ex Lam.
  • Kalanchoe brevicalyx (Raym.-Hamet & H.Perrier) Boiteau
  • Kalanchoe calcicola (H. Perrier) Boiteau
  • Kalanchoe floripendula Steud.

Kalanchoe pinnata, formerly known as Bryophyllum pinnatum, also known as the air plant, cathedral bells, life plant, miracle leaf, and Goethe plant is a succulent plant native to Madagascar, which is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas. It is distinctive for the profusion of miniature plantlets that form on the margins of its phylloclades, a trait it has in common with some other members of Bryophyllum (now included in Kalanchoe).

It is a succulent, perennial plant, about 1 m (39 in) tall, with fleshy cylindrical stems and young growth of a reddish tinge, which can be found in flower throughout most of the year. The specific epithet "pinnata" is the feminine form of the Latin adjective pinnatus, meaning "winged, pinnate".

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