Lesser Galangal

Boesenbergia rotunda or finger root or lesser galangal or chinese ginger herb

Lesser galangal is a relative of ginger, which is native to Asia. There, the lesser galangal is a popular spice or tea and is also used in medicine. It is highly recommended to strengthen the digestion. 

The name “galangal” is used for four different plant species from the ginger family. What they all have in common is that they are pungent and strengthen digestion.


Scientific name
Alpina officinarum.

Other names
Galanga, galangale, laos, and blue ginger.

Used plant part

Camphor, eugenol, tannic acid.

Harvest period

Medicinal properties

Main use: Digestion.

Healing effects

      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Appetite stimulant
      • Cut indigestion
      • Biliary stimulant
      • Menstruation promoting

Application method

          • Orally


Lesser Galangal (Wiktionary)



lesser galangal (uncountable)

  1. A plant related to galangal, Alpinia officinarum, with similar uses and flavor
  2. (proscribed) Another related plant with similar uses and flavor, Kaempferia galanga.
  3. (proscribed) Another related plant with similar uses and flavor, Boesenbergia rotunda.
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