Maidenhair Fern

The Southern Maidenhair Fern is a fern mainly found in the tropics, but also somewhat in Central Europe. The leaves of the Southern Maidenhair Fern are multi-pinnate and can bu used for tea and syrup.


Scientific name
Adiantum capillus-veneris.

Popular names
Venus Hair Fern, Black maidenhair fern, Southern maidenhair fern.

Used plant parts

Essential oils, bitter substance, tannic acid, mucilage.

Harvest period
Spring and summer.

Medicinal properties

Main uses: Cough & Cold.

Healing effects

        • Calming
        • Blood-purifying
        • Expectorant
        • Tonifying
        • Cough
        • Whooping cough
        • Cold
        • Promotes breast milk
        • Insect bites
        • Dandruff

Application methods

        • Orally
        • Topically


Maidenhair Fern (Wiktionary)



maidenhair fern (plural maidenhair ferns)

  1. Maidenhair (Adiantum spp.).
    • 1985, Peter Carey, Illywhacker, Faber and Faber 2003, p. 533:
      Hissao looked at the bottle with the polite attention another son might bestow on his mother's favourite maidenhair fern, or on a pear tree […].


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