Milk Thistle

Seeds of a milk thistle with flower (Silybum marianum, Scotch Thistle, Marian thistle ) on wooden table

Silybum marianum

Milk Thistle (Wiktionary)



milk thistle (plural milk thistles)

  1. Any of the thistles in the genus Silybum, especially Silybum marianum.
  2. Lactuca serriola, prickly lettuce
  3. Various plants of genus Sonchus (sow thistles) with milky sap:
    1. Sonchus asper rough milk thistle
    2. Sonchus arvensis field milk thistle
    3. Sonchus oleraceus (common sow thistle)
    4. Sonchus wilmsii


  • (Silybum marianum): blessed milkthistle, holy thistle, variegated thistle


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