Victory onion

Fresh wild garlic on a market

The victory onion is a wild onion relative that grows in the mountains, especially in the Alps, but also in the Caucasus.

In the past, the victory onion was considered a magical plant. The cover of the bulb was supposed to protect against evil spirits, like a chain mail, also called armour.


Scientific name
Allium victorialis.

Plant family

Other names
Alpine leek, Alpine broad-leaf allium.

Plant parts used
Stem & Leaf.

Sulphurous essential oil.

Medicinal properties

Main use: Spring cure.

Healing effects

        • Blood purifying
        • Diuretic
        • Hoarseness
        • Indigestion
        • Flatulence
        • Minor burns

Application method

        • Orally

Forms of preparation

A tincture from the leaves of the plant can be used as a spring cure to cleanse the blood.


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