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The topic of headaches is a vast one, but it should not be evasive. Homeopathy has a reputation for treating headaches directly without unwanted effects and worsening of the individual generally.


The first step in bringing the individual to a greater state of being is to stop taking analgesics. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is reputed for not just relieving the headaches, but removing them permanently for the future. Homeopathy addresses all illness on an individual basis, so headache relief has to be addressed in exactly the exact same way.

Read the following remedies and pick the best one for your situation. Then have a dose every hour until relief is continuing. When relief is at hand, stop. Let’s look at the best remedies.

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The first remedy to think about for headaches which are in the face is Kali Bichromium. These headaches present above or between the eyebrows or begin over one eye, then traveling to another or live in the root of the nose. These are the headaches of a nasal nature which react to a barometric pressure change and are made worse . If this bunch of symptoms is present, not only will the remedy eliminate the current pain, but will make the upcoming similar headache a longer distance from the current one and less painful. Eventually, and not too far distant in the future, the pain won’t appear whatsoever.

For headaches that come after eating rich foods, such as ice-cream, the best remedy is Pulsatilla. These headaches often affect women and women and especially those of a more female character. Another remedy used for the after effects of eating too many rich foods is Nux vomica. It’s often due to constipation, indigestion or a lot of laxatives or other medicaments. This remedy ought to be taken twice per day for a couple of days until the pain disappears. Now, unless drugs are consumed, the pain won’t return.

If the headache presents after despair, sorrow, emotion or worry, the victim will find relief from Ignatia, named after St. Ignatius. Consider the remedy Belladonna if the headache is because of too much sunlight, once the face is red and flushed, with throbbing in the head and especially in the arteries and veins.

Gelsemium is the remedy when a headache is caused by anticipatory anxiety. This may be common with children that are frightened of being on stage for a school play or for an adult who must appear before a crowd. It’s infallible for the headaches of ministers, court attorneys and politicians.


The headaches of the gravest level, however, are those referred to as migraines. This is a class in itself and frequently requires expert homeopathic care. I find that the most common remedy to provide relief is Iris. These headaches are the ones that come on occasionally, like every month or week and are ushered in with ocular disturbances, such as blurry vision. There’s often nausea and vomiting with throbbing, shooting pain in the forehead and a profuse quantity of saliva. . There may also be pulsing pain through out the body and include burning in the anus with straining and bearing down.


This is but a small sampling of the most valuable remedies in the homeopath’s arsenal, but an exceptional place to start for the newcomer. After you feel better, consider homeopathy for each your family’s ailments. Purchase a kit of remedies, homeopathy books, CD’s and take classes to learn as much as possible about this highly effective method. Then when everything is set in order, prepare for a short period of pain when you use the most intelligent medicine on the ground….Homeopathy.