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What is an ovarian cyst? In simple terms an ovarian cyst is described as a group of fluids enclosed by a little wall that’s within the gut it self. The truth is an ovarian follicle which is bigger than say two centimetres could be known as an ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts can vary in size a lot; in fact they are as small as a pea and even be as large as a cantaloupe. In the majority of the cases ovarian cysts are benign in nature, i.e. they can’t cause any harm. In reality in the USA, nearly every woman who hasn’t attained menopause could be diagnosed with the illness and in nearly 14.8% of those girls who has reached menopause. But the existence of the disease that’s called Ovarian Carcinoma is found just in almost 15/100000 girls per year.


For treating ovarian cyst all around the world herbal treatment has been regarded as the ultimate solution.

The status of ovarian cysts is not uncommon among women of each age. However, they’re more prevalent in girls of their child bearing age. In certain circumstance, the cysts may lead to different problems like bleeding and pain, and surgery might be recommended in such situations.

Treatment Options

One significant cause of the excessive bleeding, infertility and pain is the incidence of ovarian cysts. They’re in most cases benign in character but scientific evaluation is advised to make sure. Surgery is the most common method of treatment for these cysts. But in most cases surgery isn’t desired and sometimes it just may not be feasible. There are a few side effects to surgery also, such as the cysts coming back later on in some instances at least. Some other methods include ‘Synthetic Hormone Therapies’. Oftentimes the patients are advised to decide on hysterectomy. However, today, the’Herbal Treatment’ is more and more gaining popularity as the ultimate solution for the ovarian cysts.

It generally takes three to six months for the herbal treatment of ovarian cysts to be 100% successful. It may differ from case to case depending on the size and the amount of the cysts. The’liver’ also has an essential role in treating the cysts. The liver has to be clean as it enables the regulation of the hormone in the body. It’s also in charge of cleaning the blood. Another important part is the ‘diet’. Diet is an important part, as certain food items can aggravate the condition whereas some foot things might assist in the treatment.


Certain food items which assist in preventing the recurrence of ovarian cysts are raw green vegetables, whole foods, whole grains, garlic, fruits and legumes. Items that will need to be prevented are red meat, caffeine, white sugar, eggs, alcohol, fat, carbonated drinks and processed and processed food items. Sticking to a natural and a balanced diet aid from the over all physical fitness and for attaining good health.

      • Period between 2nd week and until the arrival of the menstruation period. A traditional, tried and tested herbal remedy for such conditions include 3 capsules of black cohosh and vitex, two capsules of black haw and dandelion root, 1 capsule of pau d’arco, charral and pollen. These have to be consumed twice daily. It’s strongly recommended that these medicines be obtained in the second week of your cycle to the menstruation period begins.
      • Period from the beginning of the menstruation and the 2nd week. In this time the herbal treatment includes taking 3 capsules of milk thistle and blue and black cohosh, two capsules of ‘wild yam’, and one capsule of chaparral, pau d’arco, yarrow and bee pollen. This combination too has to be consumed twice daily.

These medicines also have to be supplemented daily with vitamins A, E and C. These therapies will need to be practiced for 3 weeks (minimum) rather and this needs to go on for one year. IT depends upon the length and the intensity of the issue. But do remember that the above mentioned method and medications are just a ‘General Suggestion’.

Holistic approach for therapy

The best treatment possible for ovarian cysts is the herbal therapy, and it turns out to be beneficial if the whole holistic system is also embraced. The holistic approach is unparalleled in reality. The important difference between the holistic approach as well as the traditional medication is the approach to the disease. Whereas in traditional medications just the identification and then the treatment of the ovarian cysts is , in holistic approach that the emphasis on an over all healthy mind, soul and body that eventually helps heal and prevent the condition and stops any further recurrence of the cysts. The holistic doesn’t just cure the symptoms such as the traditional treatments rather it unearths the prime cause and remedies it completely. This strategy gives a complete, faster cure and also with very less medical intervention.

The most significant and the first step in the holistic approach is education. It’s been proved through research that when a person learns and knows her illness and her identification; she becomes an active partner in trying to heal herself. Education concerning the origin of the cysts and the fact they are extremely common among women of reproductive years can also be given. And they also have to be advised that most cysts aren’t harmful in nature. This information aids in preventing the patient from falling into depression. Also, the abnormality of each case is taken into consideration. The herbal therapy system can and should be effectively accompanied with the holistic approach.