3D Illustration Concept of Human Respiratory System Lungs Anatomy

To anyone who studies physics or science, you are probably familiar with the idea of Brownian motion.

What is Brownian motion?

Brownian motion is the random motion of particles suspended in a liquid or gas or the mathematical model used to refer to such arbitrary movements, often known as a particle theory.

Traditionally the botanist Robert Brown is seen as the discoverer of Brownian motion in 1827. It’s thought that Brown was studying pollen particles floating in water under the microscope. Then he observed minute particles inside the vacuoles of the pollen grains executing a jittery motion.

However it was Einstein in a paper submitted in 1905 that first brought the remedy to the interest of physicists. He introduced it as a means to confirm the existence of molecules and atoms.

Einstein predicted that the random motions of molecules in a liquid impacting on larger suspended particles could lead to irregular, random motions of the particles, which might be directly detected under a microscope. The predicted movement corresponded precisely with the vexing Brownian movement. From this movement Einstein accurately determined the dimensions of the hypothetical molecules that were supposed to exist but as yet unproven.

The Six Healing Sounds

So what does this have to do with sound and healing… In Chinese medicine there are many fantastic procedures to cure and among these ancient techniques of healing is known as “The Six Healing sounds” or “The Six Syllable Secret” amongst others.

What they found was that regardless of what language a person talked, when they had some specific illness they made the exact sounds. Sounds like moaning or whining such as that were exactly the exact same or very similar depending upon which organs have been involved in the disease.

For instance, if someone had an issue that was determined to maintain their kidneys, they were often hunched over, had shallow breathing and made a feature “Wooooooooo” sound. This was the case regardless of what language they spoke. Since the lower spine is the area of the body connected to the kidneys, in addition, this is another simple visual indication that such a person has a critical energy imbalance in that specific organ. Chinese physicians use these visual cues and lots of others like sound, skin colour and tongue look, the eyes, voice, odor of the men skin and several others to ascertain the location, severity and type of illness the individual has.

This is comparable to how everyone on earth all makes exactly the same “ha ha ha” sound when we laugh whatever the language we speak. Because humor creates a powerful “E-motional” reaction in the human body and mind that of a “passion” nature. E-motions aren’t only feelings but they’re “Energy In Motion”.

Chi Energy through the Yin Organs

Chi is flowing more powerfully through the various meridians when you laugh. This fire energy has to be expelled from the body and the body does so by creating a “ha ha ha” sound. The center is the fire organ of the body and it so happens that laughing is a passion noise. The sound Ha is really one of the numerous noises discovered to purge the center of surplus fire chi. This is the reason why we laugh when something strikes us as funny.

Each of the five important vital (Yin) organs of the body where the center is just one of these has it’s own characteristic sound associated with it. The five vital yin organs are the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and spleen. There’s actually another sound that corresponds to all of the organs and is a sixth sound finishing the set. Whenever we breathe while softly making among those six noises were purging that organ system of surplus fire energy. This has a powerful calming and strong cleansing effect on the organ which really helps to soothe and fortify it.

These sounds and techniques alone have been proven to cure many serious ailments. There was even a guy who had terminal heart disease yet laughed himself into a cure by viewing old “Three stooge” reruns constantly. The constant laughing purged out the surplus fire chi from the body and heart, thus alleviating his heart disease by balancing the chi out of the heart.

This may be true for all the sounds associated with each of the five significant yin organs. If there’s a weakness or surplus fire energy in these organs, making these noises can help purge the organ itself, and it is related yang organ of surplus fire energy. Since most diseases from the west are diseases of surplus fire energy because of stress, poor diet, foods packed with chemicals and overworking the body, this may truly be life changing and life saving information.

Additionally, there are various movements and posture that come along with these breathing and sounds which can make them more successful, but the sounds for each organ are a fantastic way to begin and to start gaining the excellent benefits from such techniques.

These sounds are also called “Vibratory Breathing” techniques. Since all matter vibrates as particular frequencies we are able to benefit from this by using these six seems to purge the several organs of excess energies which are often a principal source of distress and even serious illness.

Sounds and vibrations are extremely powerful phenomena in nature and they’re all around us. Whether they are in the kinds of electromagnetic waves like wireless radio and television signals or audible sounds, vibrations and resonance waves are everywhere and actually critical to life itself.

It’s know that plants grow bigger and healthier, cows provide sweeter and more nutritious milk and individuals often feel better when soft relaxing music is played compared to hard, loud less rhythmic music. Since the earth’s magnetic field vibrates at a frequency of between 6-8 hertz and is actually the very frequency of life, it is logical that music that is nearer to the frequency of life would also be advantageous, though other frequencies would be damaging.

This is the reason for the six healing sounds which the Chinese have discovered millennia ago and been using since. They understood that by creating these common sounds that ill men and women make they could help purge the body of the surplus energies which were causing illness. This along with acupuncture, herbs, breathing and other treatments they would accelerate this purging process and boost immunity and restore harmony to the machine.

The Lung Sound – Sound One

The first sound that we are going to cover is the lung sound. The lung audio is almost akin to a snake but has nothing to do with it.

To make the noise, Begin by taking a deep breath, then with a slow exhalation you create the noise

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” again much like a snake whilst exhaling about 75 percent of the air in your lungs. As you inhale, imagine pure white energy with the caliber of righteousness entering the lungs to re-energize them. Then exhale again while creating the “SSSS” noise and replicate.

The sound doesn’t have to be loud and your exhalation ought to be calm and gentle. The lungs home the negative emotions of despair, sadness and sorrow along with the positive emotions of righteousness, surrender, letting go, emptiness and guts.

Grief is a famous association with the lungs. This is one reason that individuals that are under tremendous grief often get disorders linked to the lungs.

The lung sound may also be used if you are very tired as it will help purge the stagnant lung chi in the machine and help to keep you awake if you are driving or anything else where you will need to stay awake.

Practicing this noise in the morning may also help clear the mind and allow you to wake up quicker. It takes the grogginess away that is often present because of stagnant energy in the lungs because of a night of shallow breathing as we sleep.

These sounds are extremely powerful additions which everybody can and should increase their health regimen. Making these noises on a daily basis can go a long way to maintaining your organs healthy, even removing diseases, preventing them from coming back and attaining longevity.

These sounds have many daily and practical applications like helping with indigestion for example.

The spleen/stomach sound will help to purge excess fire of the body which occur during digestion and will help alleviate or cure indigestion and acid reflux. There are seems to cool down your body in the summer, warm you up in the winter and several other such applications.

It’s best to not practice these sounds over six times in a row when doing the breathing procedure alone. Anymore than six times can purge too much energy complete in the lungs or another organ and may have the opposite effect.

For those who have a whole lot of fire energy in the lungs, you might notice your skin becoming red, almost like you’ve got a small sunburn. This proves that the breathing and sound is in reality purging the body of fire energy. For those who have any serious existing lung condition, do this lightly perhaps only a couple of times.