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Being healthy is and always has been about a lifestyle change. Like everything else, Health is something which most of us must try to work for it. “There is not any free lunch” comes to mind and is even more so when it comes to achieving our health golds. And trust me… there are also no short-cuts. So stay positive, and bear in mind that your health and happiness will bring joy to those that are around you and that care for the well-being.

Drink less Alcohol

We shouldn’t drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day for men. For girls, this should be no longer than 2-3 units. One alcohol unit approximately means 10ml of pure alcohol in an alcohol drink. As a general guideline, for Ciders and Beer, no longer than 2-3units. For Wine, no longer than two units. For Spirits, no longer than one unit, and for wine coolers, no more than 1.5 units.

Quit smoking

Pick up the courage to take the first step. Quit smoking today!

If you wish to stop smoking but you have difficulty to do it, we can give you some tips to consider trying;

1) Identify and prevent situation which will trigger you to smoke. Have a plan to prevent or undergo without smoking. E.g., avoid using the stairways should you always smoke.

2) Delay your craving for tobacco by telling yourself to wait further couple of minutes, do something to distract yourself for this time period.

3) Chew something to resist craving such as chewing gum, lozenges, nuts, uncooked vegetables.

4) Do more physical tasks to divert yourself; exercise, do chores, sports matches.

5) Practice relaxation techniques rather than smoking when stress.

6) Get support from family, friends, support groups, reminding one of the benefits of smoking cessation.

Get enough sleep

A normal adult demand around 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleep increases your ability to concentrate and remember new information, improves your mood & decrease your stress. It helps to keep healthy weight and enhances your performance & nourishment. Establish a consistent sleep & wake program now!

Exercise regularly

Exercise will help to boost your immune system, control your weight. It improves your mood, boost your energy. It reduces stress, makes you feel more positive and confident. It calms your mind, enables one to sleep better. If you prefer exercising in the gym, ensure you clock in some time doing aerobic exercises for at least 20-30 minutes per day (minimum 3 times per week is recommended).

Take steps to prevent getting a flu

When the Holiday season arrives, and so does influenza. Here is a few tips to stop flu beside drinking a great deal of fluid everyday you might also take foods such as mushroom, sweet potatoes, garlic, wild salmon, dark chocolate, almond, strawberries to boost your immune system against influenza viruses.

Tips to handle your insomnia

Good sleep quality ensures better health, mood and performance. Here are some ways to help falling asleep easier:

Exercise during the day, avoid alcohol and caffeine at night. Have a light dinner 2-4 hours . Switch off TV and computer in your bedroom. Keep your room temperature cool (around 21 degree Celsius), have a warm bath prior also. Using lavender essence in bath oils and additives can be helpful towards getting a good nights rest. After the bath, try to dim your bedroom lighting (or turn off all your lights if you prefer) prior to going to bed. For certain individuals, playing some soft soothing music may help while others will prefer a silent sleeping environment.

Drinking a fantastic quality chamomile tea may also help you sleep better. Avoid carbonated and carbonated drinks before bedtime – instance coffee and certain kinds of caffeinated tea.

The holiday season binge

There’ll often be feasts following feasts. Here are some tips how to enjoy your feast gathering without overeating:

Don’t skip meals/fast prior to the feast. Take only healthy snacks such as raw veggies, nuts, and fruits if you’re a little hungry. Eat meals less in salt, oil, refined sugar, processed.

Start your meal by taking food low in calories then to greater later. E.g; begin with soup, salad, lean protein, you’ll be quite full by dessert when you can feel satisfied just with a few snacks (3).

Take one serving just, decrease second helpings politely but firmly. Avoid alcohol, try sparkling water instead. Cut down on smoking. Remember to keep your exercise regime in this festive season also.

Lastly, try to enjoy the social gathering, not concentrate on the food instead. This season is all about getting together, sharing joy and happiness after all.

Avoid feeling groggy

Drink a glass or two of water when you wake up. Do some cardio or stretching exercises. Try Meditation or deep breathing exercise. Cook breakfast not heavily loaded with carbs (attempt fruits especially citrus, easy proteins such as eggs, cheese, yogurt). Listen to your favorite music or soothing sounds. Take a warm shower, but wash your face with cool water instead. Think about something to make you feel excited about. Feel thankful for another new day.

Have a good breakfast

A excellent proper breakfast (whole grain, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy) is quite important for your wellbeing. A fantastic breakfast can help to kickstart your day, boosting your metabolism. It makes to sense for fresh and not as grouchy, elevating your mood.

A wholesome breakfast allows you to concentrate and focus better, helping you to think and solve problems easier. A wholesome breakfast also helps in reducing cravings and making unhealthy food choices. It helps in controlling your weight.

Avoid getting body odors

Keep your body clean at all times is a fundamental social etiquette that everyone should follow – if you’ve been outside and have perspired, do dry and if you can, have a shower. Sweat comprises body oils and salts and this may result in body scents to grow. Bacteria on the skin surface may also lead to body odors to happen. Armpits and different areas of the body are ideal places where bacteria like to multiply and moisture helps them do so. So try to keep your those areas dry and this will lower your chanced of creating bad body odors.