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Aromatherapy is a great wonderful thing. The smell of an oil which appeals to you can have an instantaneous pleasing effect on your mind and your well-being. Aromatherapy can transport you to a familiar place with familiar smells and can help balance you in times of tension and agitation. Aromatherapy can help to immediately relax you and make it possible for you to breathe calmly and peacefully once more. Believe it or not it can even occasionally calm the children.


Aromatherapy is basically using oils to make a better and more attractive atmosphere. Essential oils can help calm or will help to’pick you up’ if you feel down and worn-out. Walking into a room or a home which has employed aromatherapy for cleansing and as an air freshener generates a more attractive and inviting setting and can also be much more gentle on the nose.

Essential oils

They are highly concentrated so its recommend that you use them with a carrier oil such as olive oil or almond oil. Because the oils are so concentrated you just need 2-3 drops in state a cup of carrier oil if applying to the skin. If bathing burning or in a vital oil 3-4 drops of oil can be added to the water. Lavender roil is the gentlest of oils and therefore is the only oil that’s secure enough to be applied directly to the skin.

Cleaning or dusting with oils is a terrific way to freshen up a home without using harsh chemicals. The oils leave a gorgeous fresh smell in the air that will linger and will help to keep the dust and those horrible dust mites at bay.

Oils are amazing for cleaning and burning with so that in the event you have family members who suffer from things such as allergies then they are less likely to be bothered by those scents then by those of the harsh substances which are so present in nearly all our cleaning products nowadays.

Cleaning really can be much more gentle on you and can keep you a lot calmer as well in the event that you decide to clean with products which are not as harsh or ones which leave a really clean enticing odor. When people walking into my house and can smell the fresh smell of eucalyptus on the floors and the bathroom smelling of peppermint, it makes me almost glad I have spent a lot of time cleaning. Well at least I do like the final result.

Massages too can be made better and more rewarding if they’re complimented by the burning of an essential oil. The smell of an oil burning or used in your skin at a massage promptly helps to create a feeling of relaxation. The soft gentle smell will help to transfer somewhere else where nobody is putting demands on you and all you’ve got to is relax and enjoy.

Your skin immediately feels revitalized if you soak a hot face washer in warm water using lavender oil and when your face feels hot and bloated then it is also possible to add a few bergamot to calm it down or any orange oil to brighten your skin. All these oils are extremely soothing to the skin, although I only ever use 1-2 drops of the orange oil and once I’m very tired or have a terrible headache I often only use 3-4 drops of the lavender oil in cold or warm water, depending on the temperature of the day. A pleasant smelling face washer over the face is simply divine and really helps to soothe my skin and my aching head. You can even soak your hands in the water to calm them down and possibly even put some lavender and bergamot in a bath for the children to calm them down or simply use the identical face washer to get their faces also. I’m sure one day they’ll thank you for this.

Aromatherapy oils do have numerous applications and can make a major difference to your frame of mind. There are many businesses that do a mix of oils like Jurlique’s pampering blend or you could make up one yourself that matches your preferences. I tend to change my oils and my own combinations with my moods and this in turn consistently helps to make a different feel around the house. Experiment with oils as I do and you’ll find a real difference to how you feel using the various oils and what impact they have on you.