alternative medicine with dried herbs using motar and peste, and book on science sheet

Nowadays when health care costs are soaring and prescription drug use is on the rise, many people are turning to a simpler and gentler way of healing their ailing bodies. These same people know that our bodies have the power to improve or even heal themselves naturally, given the right circumstances and environment, but natural healing methods complement and support the body’s own natural defenses, and are an alternative method to standard medicine.

Natural healing

With the use of herbal medicine is, and always has been, a good source of remedies for almost any health issue or condition that is typically addressed through the use of day to day medicine. Just as our ancestors and all those who came before us did when they had issues with their health, people the world over are going back to consulting the plant world for time proven cures, herbal remedies that have really stood the test of time.

Experts in natural healing take their craft seriously and know the properties of each plant. They know how each herbs can be used and what for and in what form it should be administered. The truly proficient can combine two or more herbs for a more complex therapy, advise on the frequency of the dose, and suggest additional behaviors to facilitate the best results.

Fields all over the earth have been dedicated to growing healing plants for health purposes. This horticulture is highly specialized to ensure the harvest is made up of a single crop. Many are organic. Some plants that are grown will have their flowers and leaves dried and made into teas and infusions. These serve as a popular and easy way to ingest herbs. Others will be dried and then ground into powder as well. This powder is then put into capsule form and bottled.

Other crops are grown to become essential oils. This form of herb is perhaps the most versatile since it is in a concentrated liquid form. They can be used in many ways, though are less used internally since they are so potent. Absorbed through the skin, essential oils are highly effective as pain and itch relievers on specific areas of the body. Some are antiseptic and antibacterial. Used in a carrier oil, such as almond oil, they work well during massage. Their aromatic, sweet qualities make perfect sleep aids, and mood enhancers and, of course, air fresheners.

Anyone wanting to take part in this historical form of medicine should become educated on the subject of natural herb medicine. Hundreds of books and periodicals are available and retail providers can be found in tons of sources on the web and in local specialty shops.