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It can often prove difficult trying to find relief from the constant ringing in your ears. Medical science still has few answers to tinnitus. While there are a variety of medical treatments available, they may be expensive, and oftentimes they don’t provide any positive results. Often it’s a very simple home remedy for tinnitus that can give the most immediate relief.

Home Remedy For Tinnitus Relief

Here are a few that you might find useful.


Once or two times daily, try massaging your outer ears, ear lobes and directly behind the ears. Also, focus on the hollows behind the ear lobes and along the jawbone behind the wisdom teeth. This can help relax and promote blood circulation to these areas.

Onion Juice

Place one to two drops of onion juice in the ear three times a week until you feel relief, then once per week later.

Passion Flower

Passion flower helps circulation, has a sedative and relaxing effect and can help relieve stress associated with tinnitus. It also and helps regulate neurotransmitters that are responsible for delivering nerve impulses throughout the body. Passion blossom can be taken as an infusion, or as an over the counter supplement.

Hot compresses

Before going to bed, prepare a hot compress by massaging a small towel in hot water, wringing it out and applying it on your own neck.

Masking Sounds

Tinnitus is not as noticeable if there’s a competing background noise. Many people won’t hear their tinnitus while in the shower, or if driving with the car window partially open. Take notice which sounds work best for you, and create a long-playing listing of those sounds, or try one of those commercially available tinnitus masking CDs. At night, consider de-tuning an Fm radio until you hear the”white noise”, or make a fan running.

Chew Dried Fruit

Regularly chewing dried fruit or gum increases circulation to the ear region.


Take your mind off your tinnitus. This might not necessarily be easy, but people are often completely unaware of the tinnitus if their mind is occupied with other things. Stay busy.