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Everyone would prefer a happy, relaxed lifestyle — a calmness that continues day after day. For most, but this is tough to attain. Problems, frustrations, anxieties etc get in the way.

Having Inner Peace

If you take the time to unwind, you can come close. Relaxation is essential. When you are completely relaxed you are satisfied and have an inner peace — a sense of satisfaction and happiness with your life.

Although a relaxed lifestyle requires learning some relaxation methods and using them additionally, it needs something else. Specifically, you also need to learn how to relax at your work and other activities. Enjoying your job is of high priority. Don’t tie yourself up in knots trying to get your work done; you can get just as much done (and probably more) by working in a relaxed manner.

Another thing that’s essential for a relaxed lifestyle is keeping busy. Keeping busy is, in actuality, among the best ways to keep yourself relaxed, but for this keep the following in mind.

    • Don’t undertake more than you can handle.
    • Don’t worry about your work, just do it.
    • When you begin to feel stress, have a brief break and relax. Don’t let it build up.

Some of the things that enable you to achieve a relaxed lifestyle are:

    • A Great attitude
    • Having fun — living your life, not allowing it only pass
    • Taking brief holidays, even if only over a weekend
    • Short naps are helpful when you start to get stressed (15 minutes)
    • Spending a few minutes relaxing your muscles when they start to get stressed – Using silent periods
    • Music and Meditation

For complete comfort your muscles must be relaxed, and three of the major muscles to focus on are:

    • Muscles of the eyes
    • Muscles of the jaw and throat
    • Muscles of the heart and torso

Relax these muscles and you’ve gone a long ways toward total relaxation. The best method is to close your eyes and keep your mind blank, then focus on the region you would like to relax. Sit calmly and quietly and say to yourself, “I’m relaxed… very relaxed.”

Apply this to the three above areas, and to your own shoulders if they feel stressed. Do it for several minutes. When you are completely relaxed, you will feel far better.

The Three Minute Quiet Period

An alternative to the above that may, occasionally, be faster and easier is the 3 minute quiet period. You can use it a few times each day, or whenever you feel tension beginning to build. Sit in a comfy chair and stay quiet and comfy for three minutes. Don’t consider anything let your mind relax. Enjoy the moment. Meditation and songs are also really useful.

It’s important to be aware there are actually two kinds of stress: physical and psychological. You are feeling physical strain on your muscles; they become tight and stressed. Mental tension is usually connected to the mind, and it’s due to your emotions. Both types are related because one usually contributes to another; specifically, psychological strain almost always contributes to physical tension.

You can go a long ways towards giving yourself a relaxed lifestyle by using the above mentioned relaxation procedures. But for a totally relaxed lifestyle and its associated inner peace you need the appropriate attitude.

The Proper Attitude

If you already have the appropriate mindset for a relaxed lifestyle you do not need to worry. But most individuals don’t. You can not be completely relaxed in case you’ve got a pessimistic, negative attitude. Your attitude has been developed over several decades, and it came largely out of your parents and friends. At this stage of your life it is likely well-ingrained, and if it’s negative you’ll need to change it.

People who have a negative mindset have a pessimistic outlook on life. They let themselves get depressed and angry by the smallest things. They dwell on the ills, difficulties and problems in their own life; they consider them day after day, slowly magnifying them till they’re out of control. They can’t confront their problems; they allow them to become obsessions until eventually they’re so stressed out they have a nervous breakdown.

It’s vital that you “let go” ahead of your issues become obsessions and destroy your life. Furthermore, in this state you can’t be relaxed, or have a relaxed lifestyle. You need to change your mindset.

Change Mindset

Most of the issues of people in the aforementioned state are because of “customs”– customs which were developed as a consequence of the attitude. What you need is to change these habits, and really you can if you change your mindset. It can not be changed overnight, but it can be changed. It’s well-known that habits can be changed.

If you’ve got a negative outlook on life, make a resolution to alter it. Begin by telling yourself that you do not want your life to center around your issues and difficulties. You need a relaxed lifestyle that highlights confidence, joy, contentment and inner peace. Consider It. Substitute positive thoughts for each negative one which comes in your mind. Little by little you’ll make progress. If you do it long enough, your subconscious mind will take over and change your habits mechanically. In actuality, it is going to change your whole personality.

Also, bear in mind that in many instances it is your attitude towards your issues that’s the actual problem, not the issue itself. Use this to your benefit. Consider your issue; is it really that important. If it’s, list ways it can be solved and do it. Oftentimes, however, it may actually be rather trivial — built up in your mind. If so, unwind and forget it. If it involves another individual, talk it over calmly together. Try to resolve it.