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Cancer statistics continue to grow, regardless of the advances in conventional therapy. Every year patients have been diagnosed with unique types of the often deadly disease, and each year patients search for new and better ways to fight their cancer. Many cancer patients are searching for significantly less intrusive forms of therapy, exploring natural-based holistic therapies which will help to fight the cancer in it’s origin. These alternative therapies have proven effective in combating the illness itself, in addition to providing relief from the nausea and discomfort that accompanies traditional treatments. The organic approach to cancer treatment involves a combination of treatments designed to exploit the inherent healing potential of the human body, and also to promote the body to start the process of healing itself.

Natural Therapies

Alternative, or natural, cancer therapies can be divided into three general types. The most elementary form of treatment is through diet and dietary supplements. Conventional and alternative scientific study agrees on one point, which is that there are particular foods which have been demonstrated to possess cancer fighting characteristics. Holistic cancer treatments start with analyzing and adjusting the individual’s diet, with the purpose of increasing the intake of these cancer fighting foods. Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants and phytochemicals, such as garlic, ginger, curcumin, turmeric, and green leafy vegetables can add to the body’s own ability to fight off cancer. Herbal supplements and vitamins also have been demonstrated to have a beneficial impact on cancer patients, helping the body to fight the disease naturally. Rosemary, oregano, basil, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D have been demonstrated to decrease growth of cancer cells in the body.

Physical Therapy

The second most frequent type of alternative cancer therapy involves physical therapy for the body . This may include: neurological rebalancing, gentle spinal mobilization and rectal manipulation. These physical treatments can go a long way towards assisting cancer patients maximize their organ and gland function together with boosting their immune function. They give cancer patients a lot of physical aid, while working to strengthen the individual’s body and the brain, including a renewed energy to the fight against cancer.

Mental Fight

Finally, the third prong from the defense against cancer, is possibly the most difficult to articulate. Spirituality, as well as the psychological state of the individual, plays a huge role in the prevention and cure of any illness or disorder. For most patients this is the most problematic part of the treatment. Following a dietary regimen, and routine physical therapy is simple in comparison to plumbing the depths of your mind, soul and spirit. Alternative medical care centers encourage patients to talk openly with religious advisors, ministers and therapists as a means of addressing the anxieties and depression that can come with a cancer diagnosis. By addressing these emotional problems, ministers and therapists help patients develop a robust and healthy attitude toward their illness, and a determination to beat the disease. This manner the brain can be charged with enabling the body to inhibit the growth of the cancer, and to start the long process of returning the body to health and well-being.

Holistic Medicine

Practitioners of natural and holistic medicine realize that everyone, and every body, is exceptional. No two therapies will suit any two given patients. Diseases manifest themselves in various patients for various reasons; therefore it becomes necessary to tailor any therapy to the particular individual. Lifestyle, body chemistry and health history will dictate the right approach for treating any individual’s illness. It’s for this reason that patients searching for alternative cancer treatments and remedies must recognize the need to see a holistic doctor for a detailed analysis that will examine the likely causes of the disease as opposed to simply the disease itself. The patient’s unique body chemistry and brain body interface also plays a huge part in the design and application of any treatment. Only after a thorough testing and consultation, looking into the origin of imbalances physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, can a physician start to design the ideal mix of alternative cancer treatments that’s appropriate to the patient.


The benefits of holistic cancer therapies are manifold, and give new paths to a possible disease free future. Patients exploring alternative cancer treatments and remedies are encouraged to seek advice from their general practitioner or oncologist together with a holistic alternative healthcare doctor when deciding upon another cancer treatment to design a treatment program that’s best suited to revive your health naturally.