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In our waking life, we normally experience several levels of consciousness. We could be fully self-aware, aware, partly self-conscious, or unconscious. As in waking life, there might be different levels of consciousness in dreaming.

Lucid Dreams

The objective of lucid dreaming is to develop the capacity to become aware enough in a dream to be aware that you’re dreaming and to socialize with your dreams to influence desired outcomes. Having the ability to lucid dream generates positive effects on your waking life of feeling more empowered and self-confident to interact with the content and process of residing in your everyday life. Here are a few of the tools for lucid dreaming and a self hypnosis procedure you can use to plan to have and trigger lucid dreaming skills. You will unite these new abilities with the fundamental skills of doing dream job.

Lucid Dreaming Skills

The first skill of lucid dreaming is mindfulness. It starts by asking yourself if in a dream, “am I dreaming?” Here are a few specific things you can do after asking the question, “am I dreaming?”

Look at a watch, and look again. In dreamtime the amounts or face of the watch could be have odd numbers, images or be twisted. Or, take a look at your hands. In a dream they might not be familiar as your own. Or, look at a pool of water, a mirror or window to see your reflection. In a dream that the symptom is often distorted, blurred or unrecognizable. Or reading something in a dream may have writing or content that changes as you read.

You may prearrange and hypnotically practice by means of a symbol in your dream as a sign that you’re dreaming. One dreamer, Betty, uses her power animal, a butterfly, as a cue to realize that she’s dreaming. An experienced lucid dreamer, Chris, utilizes the sound of his favourite instrument, a flute, as a hint to become aware that he is in a dream. Choose a signal or cue for yourself and practice reacting to it on yourself hypnosis for lucid dreaming.

If an anomaly occurs in your dream, you can use it as a sign that you’re dreaming. As an example, experiencing your body is flying; dressing a bear; exploring Saturn at a convertible; or playfully swimming in a pool with sharks; could be great indicators that you’re having a dream.

The second skill of lucid dreaming is having the ability to recognize dream signs that allow you to know that you’re dreaming. One way to recognize your dream signals is to look closely at your previous dreams for themes or patterns, things that commonly re-occur on your dreams. As an example, do you have dream topics of performing activities like talking on the telephone to someone who has passed cleaning house, or arranging a course you will teach, or playing catch at a certain beach? Recognizing your dream signals can allow you to remember your dreams and could be a cue to ask yourself ‘am I dreaming? Practice asking yourself this question through the day to become more lucid in your wakeful condition and you will condition yourself to ask the identical question and become lucid in your dreams. By comparing your wakeful perceptions to those in dreams, you will start to notice distinctions, intrinsic to wakeful versus fantasy reality.

Sometimes dreamers wake up from a lucid dream. I know two approaches to prolong a lucid dream: The first would be to rub your hands in the dream to trigger the mind in producing the feeling of rubbing hands instead of the feeling of lying in bed coming into consciousness. The next is to spin your dream body to engage the mind in sparking rapid eye movement which could stretch a period of rapid eye movement sleep, the condition of sleep consciousness most directly associated with lucid dreaming. In hypnosis you can ability rehearse successfully employing each one of these lucid dreaming tools so that when you’re in the dream state they will be readily accessible dream consciousness and you’ll be able to access the abilities.

About Self Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming

Using self hypnosis can allow you to amplify your goal and cultivate your skills for lucid dreaming. In a hypnotic state, you can program mindfulness and rehearse the lucid dreaming abilities that you would like to use to become interactive on your dreams. Using self hypnosis before going to sleep, you can program your subconscious with hints, and hypnotically clinic asking, “Am I dreaming?” You can program yourself with the proposal, “the next time I dream this (your common dream theme) I will become aware that I am dreaming.” You might also have a hypnotic dream where you practice all the skills of lucid dreaming and you experience what it will be like to have mindfulness and be interactive in your dreams.

Before performing the self hypnosis procedure, take some time to write down a few tips for lucid dreaming you will give yourself. Write the suggestions using the pronoun “I” and in present tense. Keep the language on your suggestions positive and easy. Here’s a simple induction and outline for self hypnosis. Read the script over a few times to get knowledgeable about the sequence of the procedure or record it with your own voice to listen to while in bed. When doing yourself hypnosis, go slowly through the process to permit time for your internal responses.

Self Hypnosis Procedure

Be patient and persistent in using this self hypnosis and you’ll cultivate the skills, advantages, and joys of lucid and interactive dreaming into your dreamtime.

Lie in bed after preparing for sleep. If you’re comfortable to do so, lying on your back is perfect because your body is open and receptive. Take a few deep, clearing breaths.

Imagine that you’re walking down a path in character. Each step will encourage your relaxing and letting go. Take in the details of your environment. See, hear and feel as you proceed down the road. Have fun exploring with all your senses.

As you continue to walk on the road, notice an increasing feeling of comfort and relaxation. Sooner or later you discover a seat where you can sit and rest. You shut your eyes while you rest and as you relax even more, you start to get a dream. Let the dream unfold.

You ask yourself, “am I dreaming?” You look down at your hands or you use some of the other activities to check if you’re dreaming. The signs that you’re dreaming are apparent and you become interactive on your dream.

Once you are aware that you’re lucid dreaming, you rub your hands together or start spinning, understanding that these fantasy actions will encourage you remaining in the dream state so that you can continue to lucid dream.

You give yourself all the positive suggestion that you need to encourage this hypnotic experience in moving into your dreamtime. The more you use self hypnosis for lucid dreaming, the easier it is to trigger the abilities while dreaming.