Two cups of healthy herbal tea with mint, cinnamon, dried rose and camomile flowers in spoons and man's hand holding spoon of honey, blue background, top view

Growing Herbs Will Result in a Choice Organic Herbal Tea! Growing herbs for tea is growing very common. Organic herbal teas are easy to grow at home. Many grow herbs to add flavor for cooking, while others grow herbs to enhance or promote decent health. Whatever your motive, herbs added to a cup of tea or brewed alone creates a refreshing and refreshing drink. Picking herbs to your choice organic tea in the backyard is always an adventure for the senses.

Own Garden

I really like being able to go into the backyard to choose what I would enjoy as my tea now. Seeing my herb garden brings me such joy. As I bend down, the scent of the herbs is in the atmosphere. As I select the herbs for my tea, the scent becomes stronger and the oil in the plants remains on my palms as I wash the leaves to prepare my tea.

Take Note!

It’s important when using fresh herbs for tea that you make care to rub the leaves to release their aromatic oils.

The odor of my brewed tea fills the house as I let my tea to steep. Yes, it’s a simple pleasure I like frequently.

I grow many herbs in my garden. Some of these I keep in planters to bring inside during the autumn and winter season. I do take some time and ironic many of my herbs for future use for cooking as well as for tea. This way I have my home grown tea throughout the year.

Try This!

When making a cup of tea with fresh herbs, you use about the equivalent of one tablespoon for every cup of tea you’re brewing. When you use your dried herbs, you use about one teaspoon for every cup of tea you’re brewing. Allow each to steep approximately three to five minutes prior to removing the herbs.

Growing herbs is easy and you don’t need a good deal of space to do it. A window sill and a sunny place is an ideal place to cultivate your favorite herbs. I really do develop several pots of my favourite herbs so I never come to an end!

More grow organic herbal teas at home. Growing herbs will bring about a choice organic tea.Here are a few herbs that are great as a stand alone tea or as an addition to brewed tea

Favorites Herbal Teas

      • Mint is one of my favourite herbs. This is a hardy plant which will take over your backyard, so I plant it in pots to keep it under control. There are so many kinds of mint now I have difficulty choosing which to grow. Peppermint, spearmint, orange mint, lemon juice and chocolate mint are simply a couple of the choices! I grow spearmint and each year I get adventurous and try another variant. I haven’t been disappointed with some of my choices. I enjoy green tea and any mint for a terrific glass of ice tea.
      • Chamomile is essential for any tea gardener. This is an herb that you utilize the flowers rather than the leaves to make tea. Its apple like taste and odor has been brewed for centuries to calm and encourage comfort. Additionally it is a tea which has properties that soothe the throat and enhances the immune system.
      • Lavender is something grows too big to be set on a windowsill. It’s a really aromatic herb which promotes sleep and relives headaches. Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor that goes well with mint for a flavorful cup of tea. This is another tea that’s made with the flowers of this plant.
      • Lemon balm has a distinctive lemon with a touch of mint taste. For centuries many drank lemon balm tea to improve and promote longevity. Today many drink lemon balm tea to treat colds and flu and to reduce blood pressure. It is said it is also known to assist indigestion. Lemon balm is another herb which goes well with mint.


Growing Herbs at home is fun and cheap. It’s not difficult to grow organic herbal teas which lead to a choice organic teas right from the backyard! It doesn’t get any better than that.