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Adult acne is a condition that plagues thousands of people throughout the planet. It’s a excellent beauty concern and causes quite a great deal of distress and pain, both physical and otherwise. Acne is caused by grime and dead cell accumulation in the pores of their skin.


Dust and oil, together with dead cells collect in pores or hair follicles and form modest blackheads, which continue to develop into white heads and pustules when inflamed, and eventually turn into pimples. Severe acne can be quite painful as it completely reddens skin, causes severe itching, cracked skin, and scars.

The precise causes haven’t been identified yet that contribute to adult acne, but stress, unhealthy lifestyle, utilization of poor cosmetics, hormonal imbalance have been linked to adult acne. About 25 percent of all adult men and 50 percent of all adult women allegedly suffer from adult acne. Many over the counter drugs are available for treating acne.

Side effects

They generally contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc that do occasionally cure acne but frequently have grave side effects. These include excessive dryness of the skin, cracking, itching, scarring etc.. Salicylic acid has also been linked to other serious ailments like memory and hearing impairment etc.. Here are five natural remedies for adult acne that may cure acne with no harmful side effects.

Natural Treatments

Fruits and vegetables

These may be used to treat adult acne. Raid your refrigerator for these easily available organic remedies for acne. Applying lemon cubes on the acne-affected regions works wonders for clearing skin. Applying the lemon juice into the affected region and allowing the skin to absorb it for 15 minutes, wash it off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Tomato and cucumber juice may also be used to acne to reduce symptoms. These juices absorb the excess oil from skin and make it hydrated and drier. They also tighten pores and reduce the chance of future acne. Citric acid in lemons and tomatoes is great to wash up pustules and to reduce white heads.


Proper hydration is a key to clear skin. Toxins, bacteria and other harmful compounds accumulate in the pores and cause dangerous fungal disease, adult acne can also be caused in a similar manner. Drinking a lot of fluids and water during the day helps cleans the body of excess toxins and impurities.

It retains the body’s circulation active and helps to prevent build-ups. Drinking at least 6 liters of water daily helps the toxins to leave the body. Exercising is also a fantastic way to clean the pores of the skin. When we sweat, a large portion of the germs and toxins which have collected in the pores leave the body.

Therefore, exercise not only helps the human body but also the epidermis. Eating right is also an important step towards the treatment of acne. Eating healthy foods like fruits, green vegetables etc and cutting back on the oil and cholesterol consumption will reduce symptoms of acne and reduce the oil accumulation that leads to adult acne.

Face Masks

Many face masks and face packs can be found which could be naturally made in your home and have great results on skin. Most of these masks are really straightforward and the ingredients used are readily available.

The first of these involves mixing baking soda and water together and applying it to the face. The mask will absorb dirt and oil from pores and clarify skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash off. Another terrific mask for acne is the honey apple mask.

It takes 4 tablespoons full of honey and one grated apple, mashed and blended together and then applied to affected area. This mask not only clears acne but also tones the skin and visibly reduces sebum accumulation that leads to acne.

Before using one of these masks, proper cleansing of the face is essential. Use a transparent or foamy cleanser that has deep pore cleansing properties. Cleansing is the first step towards acne free skin. Apply these basic masks after that and stick to a moisturizing routine then to keep skin supple and soft. Clay masks and masks made from sea salt are also quite valuable for treating acne.

Oil massages

Getting oil massages is a excellent way to enhance the circulation of the skin. Oil helps hydrate skin and massaging acne affected skin with specific oils helps reduce acne and clear the skin. Coconut oil is great for softening skin.

If you’re using heavy medicine for acne which has left scabs and scars on your face, and it has left your skin moist, massaging your face with honey and coconut oil will do you good. Tea tree oil is a terrific substance for combating adult acne. It contains unique anti inflammatory properties and is frequently utilized in herbal anti acne medicines.

Bacteria are among the primary causes of acne and tea tree oil is well known for its anti bacterial properties. Using tea tree oil at its appropriate, diluted amount as massage oil is very beneficial for clearing acne. It hydrates skin and pops out impurities and fights acne causing bacteria and fungus.

If you can’t manage massages then select herbal acne medicines that contain tea tree oil as one of its major ingredients. Massaging also improves blood flow and helps rid of the body of dirt and impurities.

Healthy diet

Proper diet is vitally important for clearing acne. What you eat greatly affects your skin’s condition. If you’ve got adult acne and nothing else works, try eating the proper things. Try consuming slimmer proteins as opposed to simple carbohydrates as the prior help prevent breakouts.

Consumption of probiotics also helps to decrease acne. Probiotics or acidophilus enhance the digestive tract, which can be helpful for healthier skin. Herbal teas are extremely useful for the liver, which if inflamed, can cause severe acne meds. Drinking tea made from red clover, dandelion greens, burdock roots, thistle, etc may soothe the liver and include inflammation.