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Adolescents are people who normally suffer from acne issues. It’s during the phase of puberty the body produces androgen hormones that activate the enhancement of sebaceous glands. Androgen tends to stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum or oil which subsequently causes growth of skin acne. Too much sebum production that’s further aggravated by slow exfoliation of the skin causes blocked pores that are responsible for skin breakdown and acne.

Hormonal Factor

Hormones have a lot to do with the way the skin behaves. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, she can develop acne. Pregnant women and those that are in their period of menopause can also suffer from acne issues. It needs to be considered, however, that surplus hormone levels isn’t the reason for acne but instead the strange response of the skin to normal hormone levels.

Adults also suffer from acne because of various reasons some of which are unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. Another reason is a result of the synthetic hormones which are ever present in the environment nowadays like the ones found in plastics, drugs, water and food. Acne medication can help relieve acne together with lifestyle modification, wholesome diet and adequate rest. The hormones can be controlled by certain medications. Additionally it is important to keep away from the elements that trigger acne like stress that’s responsible for the over-production of hormones within the body.

Try this!

Other things people can do to prevent anxiety include relaxations techniques like yoga exercises and breathing. Caffeine was found to activate hormone production thus it’s much better to avoid taking caffeine. Eating healthy foods that may help regulate the hormones can also be recommended like alfalfa, celery, flaxseed, oats, rhubarb, fennel, parsley and evening Primrose oil. Drink mineral water in glass bottles and avoid foods that are packaged with plastic. Choose organic fruits and veggies as much as you can.

Stress is closely related to acne. Individuals that are vulnerable to stress which might be due to school, work, money, relationship and other motives are prone to develop acne. Stress stimulates the production of cortisol that’s a hormone that can trigger and aggravate acne issues. Furthermore, stress may also result in a sluggish digestion which subsequently causes acne and bad metabolism.

Avoid This!

Avoid dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk and cream in addition to meat products such as pork, beef, lamb and poultry and processed carbohydrates like white flour, bread, rice crispies, chips and sugar.

Cooked fats are also not recommended. These foods are considered acid-forming from the body and so as to eliminate acne, alkaline foods should be obtained such as fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts except peanuts that contain alfatoxins and seeds.


Determine how effective your digestive tract is by eating sesame seeds or sweet corn. See how long it takes for you to pass them through. Generally speaking, 24 to 36 hours is thought to be good.