feet, gout, pain

We have listed here some natural household remedies to treat gout. They are all based on natural products like plants, herbs, fruits,… and also have really good results for other diseases. Try them!



The lemon is a fruit with great medicinal value. The juice has a favourable effect on sore throats. If there is a case of diphtheria in the house, all family members should gargle with lemon water. Lemon juice has a strong disinfecting effect. It is also a good remedy for hoarseness. Furthermore, gout sufferers appreciate lemon; it relieves rheumatism and stone formation. It promotes the regression of venous dilatation and has haemostatic power.

Lemon juice obtained by squeezing the lemons is poured into small glass bottles, corked and sealed and boiled in a water bath.

For warts, cold sores, calluses, frostbites, abscesses, boils, pimples, insect bites, yellow smoked fingers, dab them frequently with lemon juice. If dandruff is present, rub it into the scalp to strengthen the scalp and protect against hair loss. If you have swollen feet, bathe them in salt water and then rub them with a slice of lemon. For colds, flu, sniffles, sore throat, cough, add to tea. Nasal rinses with diluted lemon juice heal the cold. If you are exhausted or have no drive, mix orange juice with apple juice and lemon juice for breakfast. If you have a hangover, drink orange juice with 1 teaspoon pinch of salt, can also be mixed with lemon juice. For rheumatism sufferers, fruit, especially lemon juice, is considered a remedy. Should stop the bleeding in case of nosebleeds, if a few drops are drawn up into the nose.


The orange is a healthy, very refreshing fruit. 1-2 oranges, eaten in the morning, give a feeling of well-being. You press the juice of ½ or whole orange into a glass, dilute it with water and sweeten as you like, depending on the sugar content of the oranges. It is an excellent drink even without sugar and is therefore more recommendable for sick people.

For blood purification, acidosis, bladder problems, circulatory problems, anaemia/iron deficiency, haemorrhoids, gout, strengthens the resistance against colds. For intestinal cleansing, in case of diarrhoea drink 3-4 glasses daily diluted with water for a week, add some olive oil, in case of diarrhoea salt lightly.

In case of cough, add cough teas to improve the taste. If you are exhausted, mix orange juice with apple juice and lemon juice for breakfast. If you have a hangover, drink with 1 teaspoon pinch of salt, can also be mixed with lemon juice. For joint pain, rubbing the squeezed oil from the orange peel should help.


The apple is highly beneficial to health. Due to its high phosphoric acid content it has a beneficial effect on the brain. But you should always enjoy the apple with the skin, because it is in the skin and directly underneath that the valuable substances are found. The apple stimulates the liver, kidneys and intestines and, if eaten regularly over a long period of time, ensures a peaceful sleep before going to bed. Its acid has an antiseptic effect.

Apples, whose consumption cannot be recommended enough even to healthy people, are also very useful as a dietary remedy. It is good to know, for example, that eating apples regularly helps to cure both intestinal catarrh and constipation. Heart and nerve sufferers benefit from eating a little fresh apple juice every day. This is also an ideal fever drink.

Cut out the core, cut apples very small or grate them coarsely, press them in the must press

In case of anaemia/iron deficiency, exhaustion/lack of drive, constipation/intestinal inertia, haemorrhoids, drink one glass of sweet must with each meal. In case of gout or muscle cramps due to heavy sweating and sunburn – drink apple juice diluted with water. Apple juice is a cooling drink for fever and flu. In case of sore throat, swallowing pains, swelling of the almonds, use the hot must externally for wrapping.


Celery is a first-class medicinal plant. Apart from the leaves (as a seasoning herb), the tubers in particular are highly valued. Celery is used to improve the blood, as it has a strong stimulating effect on the kidneys. A cure is excellent for urinary problems.

The tubers can be grated raw and dressed as a salad or baked in the oven or steamed with onion in a little oil or cooked to a puree, lightly seasoned and enjoyed in broth and puree (older patients prefer the latter).

Prepare celery, grate finely and press the puree through a cloth.

Has a very diuretic effect
For rheumatic complaints, gout, joint pain, sciatica, bladder and kidney problems, heartburn, acidosis, drink 1-2 cups daily for several weeks, possibly diluted with water.



Horsetail (field horsetail) acts on the secretion vessels of the urine, kidneys and bladder. The decoction gives a diuretic excellent tea for bladder problems, gout, dropsy; it is also recommended against night sweat, the tea cures blood flow and vomiting.

Brew 1 heaped teaspoon of horsetail with 1 cup (2 ½ dl) of hot water, leave to infuse briefly. As it can have a strong effect on the stomach, mix with sage or juniper.

For bladder, kidney and liver problems, gout, dropsy, swollen feet, haemorrhoids, joint pain; also recommended against night sweats (drink before bedtime, mix with sage and lady’s mantle), also for sweaty feet, excessive sweating and hair loss. For blood cleansing cures. Half a cup 2-3 times a day.

For rheumatism, gout, drink one cup daily as a permanent drink. By stimulating the excretory organs, it is also said to help with high blood pressure, fever and flu. Pulled up through the nose, it is said to stop nosebleeds and help with hay fever.


The finely scented flower gives a soothing and painkilling tea for gout and headaches. Kneipp praises it against gout, limb cramps, strokes, but only with prolonged use. Tea of Primrose is sweet and pleasant; mixed with key-flower, it goes over the Chinese tea and is far healthier than this one, it calms the nerves, gives healthy sleep and is a quick remedy for people who often feel sick.

Put the freshly picked flowers in the sun for a whole day, then let them dry in the shade for 3-4 weeks. Once they are dry, expose them to the sun for another half day and store them in a dry place

Pour 1 teaspoon of the dried flowers in 1 cup (2 ½ dl) of boiling water, leave to stand for 10 minutes, strain and sweeten with honey to taste.

The primrose has a calming and healing effect on the nervous system. For migraines, headaches, gout, cough (ejaculatory) three times a day a cup. In case of nervousness, stress, sleep disorders, mix with women’s cloak tea. Can be used in family tea, in healthy and sick days.


Juniper berries must not be dried in artificial heat. All parts of this plant are medicinal. The berries are included in almost all tea blends because of their warming, purifying effect, except for hot, feverish diseases. They are raw and enjoyed as a tea infusion, a good stomach remedy.

Squeeze/crush one teaspoon of juniper berries and brew with a cup (2 1/2 dl) of hot water. Cover and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, then strain and drink warm.

Birch leaf

Birch leaf tea is said to have a good effect on kidney and bladder problems, as well as dropsy, rheumatism and gout. The spring is the time for collecting leaves and sap. The sap of the birch tree is used to prepare a good hair care product, and the decoction of leaves is also said to promote hair growth as a head washing agent.

Pour a cup (2 ½ dl) of hot water over 1-2 teaspoons of birch leaves, leave to stand for about 10-15 minutes, strain.

The tea is very urine-driving, therefore useful for kidney and bladder problems, for drainage in case of oedema, as well as for rheumatic diseases, gout and sciatica. Drink 3-4 cups daily between meals for 3 weeks. Mix with lime blossom tea to stimulate the excretory organs in case of fever.


This despised plant is really good for health. The young leaves should be used quite often in spring for soup or cooked together with spinach as a vegetable. They have a haematopoietic effect. The leaves can also be used to make tea, well cooked with plantain and juniper, and drunk warm, sip by sip, for stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Stinging nettle, this despised plant, is even more valuable than spinach, as it is extraordinarily rich in lime, iron and silicic acid. It is therefore recommended as a spring remedy for anemia, lack of lime, acidity. But only use the young shoots. The very fine chopping makes the hairs that cause burning harmless. The nettles taste raw, dressed with salad sauce and steamed well.

Recipe with nettle leaf
1 heaped teaspoon with 1 cup (2 ½ dl) of hot water, leave to infuse for 5 minutes, strain.

Use fresh in spring and dried in winter for blood purification. For rheumatic complaints, gout, constipation, haemorrhoids, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, anaemia, iron deficiency, impure skin, acne, abscesses/furuncles, hay fever, to improve blood circulation, for swollen feet – drink 1 cup daily.

As a detoxification treatment: During 3-4 weeks, drink 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach and 1-2 cups during the day, sipping unsweetened.

Recipe with nettle root
Put 1 teaspoon of dried, crushed stinging nettle roots in 1 cup of cold water, heat, bring to the boil, leave to infuse for 10 minutes and strain.

For prostate problems.


Dandelions provide us with a strong blood-purifying and blood-forming salad in the early spring. It can also be cooked when it is no longer tender, like spinach, or mixed with such. The herb in these preparations should be eaten often in spring by old and young alike. As a tea decoction, using herb and root, it is said to be good for abdominal diseases, constipation, gallstones, diseases of the spleen and liver, jaundice.

Mix 2 teaspoons of crushed roots with a cup of cold water for several hours, bring to the boil, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, strain.

Dandelion has a strong blood-purifying effect. In case of liver, kidney and bladder diseases, also in case of high blood pressure, drink one cup 3 times a day. To strengthen the liver and gall bladder, take a 3-4 week cure twice a year by drinking one cup each before and after breakfast in small sips. If you have impure skin or pimples, drink one cup slowly every day for 1-2 weeks. In case of hay fever, drink one cup in the morning on an empty stomach.



Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of arnica blossoms, leave to stand for 10 minutes, strain. Or dilute arnica tincture 5-10 times with boiled water.

Dip a cotton cloth or cotton ball in it, wring it out and place it on/around the affected area. (warm for chronic pain, cold for acute pain).

For sprains, strains, contusions, bruises, joint pain, bumps, bruises, tissue swelling after bone fractures, insect bites. Should also help with sore muscles.


Curd cheese (Quark) has a cooling, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, analgesic and soothing effect. Cold compresses are changed: If they are to have an arousing and blood-supplying effect, every 1 ½ – 2 hours, or even earlier, depending on how hot they become; if they are to cool, every 10-20 minutes.

Recipe 1
Spread a good finger-thick (1-2 cm) of curd evenly on a gauze bandage / linen cloth, place the uncoated side on top. To soak up the liquid, place a layer of cotton wool on top or cover with a cotton / linen cloth and then fix with a wool cloth.

Recipe 2
Spread plenty of curd on a gauze diaper / handkerchief, wrap a parcel or fill the curd into a linen bag, place it on the affected area and fix it if necessary.

Leave to work for a few hours until the curd has dried and becomes crumbly, overnight if necessary. During the day, the wrap must be renewed as soon as it becomes warm and crumbly. If the skin is coated directly, it will be difficult – and possibly painful – to wash off the dried mass.

Note: If the compress is dry, firm and yellow to brownish in colour the next morning, this is a sign that toxins have been excreted through the skin by the heat of the compress.

For sore throat, hoarseness, cough (place compress on chest and/or back, fasten with scarf or wool cloth and keep warm), headache, over-irritated joints, sunburn, inflammation of the mammary glands. Supposed to have a soothing effect on haemorrhoids.


Boil two teaspoons of finely chopped roots in ½ litres of hot water until soft, sieve, soak a cloth in it, wring it out between two lids of a pan and place it in a comfortable temperature or wrap it around the affected area and leave it to work until the wrap has cooled down.

For joint pain, rheumatic complaints, gout, bone pain, sprains, strains. Should also help with sore muscles. Use comfrey only for external treatment!


Lime blossom bath

If possible, the lime blossoms should be picked in the sun. The preparation of the medicinal herbal baths is similar to foot baths, only with the addition of the necessary quantity. The decoction is poured into the bathtub and filled up with warm water. The right temperature, 32-34 degrees, can only be found out if a good mixture of the upper, cooled down layers with the lower, hotter layers has been made.

For a full bath, the bathtub must be filled with bath water (32-35 degrees) to such an extent that the whole body is covered by it. You stay in this bath for 20-25 minutes. Then you get out of the bath quickly, plunge quickly into cold water in another bath tub, or if the opportunity is not there, wash off quickly and completely cold. The one or the other should be ready in a minute, then you get into your clothes without drying and get at least ½ hour of exercise, be it through work or a run in the room or outdoors, or you wrap yourself in a large cloth and “steam” in bed.

Instruction 1
Pour 1 to 2 handfuls of lime blossoms with 1 litre of boiling water, cover and leave to stand for 15 minutes, strain and add to the bath water.

Instruction 2
Fill a bucket half full with lime blossoms, pour cold water over it, leave to stand overnight. The next day, warm it up and strain it into the bath water.

The bath water should be about 38 degrees. Bath time 15-20 minutes.
For mild depression, melancholy, gout, also for nervousness and sleep problems.

Comfrey tincture

Tinctures, also called essence or spirit, are extracts in 38-40 percent alcohol. The plant parts are placed in a container, the alcohol is poured over them and the container is left closed in a warm place until the alcohol has extracted the substances (approx. 14 days, shake frequently). Then the residue is pressed out and the liquid is filtered off.

Wash the roots, chop finely, pour loosely up to the neck into a bottle, pour over brandy and leave this mixture to stand in the sun or near an oven for a few days, shake occasionally, then filter through a cloth (or coffee filter paper) into a dark bottle and store in a cool place.

Rub in for rheumatic complaints, gout, joint pain, sprains. As a compress for wounds, bruises, bruises, after bone fractures. Use comfrey only for external treatment!


Instructions for pad
Moisten cloth, sprinkle 3 tablespoons of salt over it and place it on/around the affected area.

Instructions for sachet
Heat the salt in a pan, put it into cloth sachets, close them and put them on the affected area.

For insect bites, press the salt pad onto the bite.
In case of swelling or sprains, leave the salt compress to work for 15 minutes, then wash the skin well. In case of gout, place the heated sachet of salt on the affected area and renew the salt every 3-4 days. If you have a cold, place one sachet of salt on your abdomen and one on your back and keep warm in bed.

Use salt to relieve the pain of bee and other insect bites. A salt pap prevents the growth from occurring.

Wasp stings can be life-threatening if they are inflicted on the throat while swallowing drinks and fruit. The following remedy, applied immediately, brings rapid relief. As soon as you feel a sting in your mouth or throat, take a teaspoonful of table salt moistened with a little water and swallow it slowly. The swelling and pain will disappear in a very short time.

Juniper berry cure

Juniper berries can be consumed raw or as a tea infusion: a good quick stomach remedy.

The cure begins with 3 berries, daily 1 berry more up to 14 berries (but not all at once, but spread over the whole day). Afterwards back again, daily one berry less, down to 3 berries. The berries should be chewed thoroughly. Drink a lot at the same time! Do not take during pregnancy!

Juniper has strong excretory properties, therefore suitable for stomach weakness, gout, rheumatic diseases, water retention in the joints.