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These steps of pure weight loss are a excellent way to shed weight quickly, naturally and safely. It’s all about the food you eat (and the food you do not eat), together with some other important actions. This program works and has been used by a lot of men and women. Check it out and find some terrific ideas…

First Recommendation

Have patience with all the results – it may take as many as two weeks to see any weight loss, then it comes off slowly, but steadily, if you follow the program. Again, One Essential Key to your success with this program is in the foods that you eat and what you do not eat. If you avoid the foods recommended, you may notice changes.

Remember, some might not agree with each these guidelines. They worked for me and for many others, but there are lots of different organic programs with various procedures that are successful. Keep in mind that body types, blood type, metabolism, mind set, etc. are factors in what works best for you.

Guideline Summary for Natural Weight Loss

      • Start each day with a positive affirmation and visualization of your own success. Have a weight loss goal and visualize yourself in that weight to concentrate your mind.
      • Read favorable self-help books and articles. Books or Articles on the Law of Attraction are highly recommended.
      • A 3-10 day Cleanse is highly suggested for getting your body detoxified.
      • Regular Organic herbal tea and filtered water are crucial.
      • Drink a Lot of Water. Filtered only.
      • Drink Organic vegetable and organic juices for vitality, fasting and hunger suppression.
      • Organic and pure organic foods are crucial.
      • Eat organic or Organic lean proteins (chicken, fish, tofu, tempeh, beans and nuts are great)
      • Do research on the kinds of proteins you require. (by way of instance, some people are allergic to soy products. Another instance, almonds are a great protein, peanuts aren’t )
      • Eat Fresh Vegetables – The more the better! Green Organic veggies and fresh salads are excellent. Slightly steamed can help with digestion. Be cautious with sauces and dressing.
      • Eat more frequent smaller meals compared to conventional large three meals each day. Try to drink or eat every 3-4 hours, but make it small. This keeps your energy moving.
      • Try to prevent Acidic foods as much as possible and maintain your pH levels on the alkaline side. Your body requires Oxygen. Some fantastic alkaline foods are fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and several nuts. Do a little research on this.
      • Exercise two times per day – 30 min. Minimum – significant to sweat and increase heart rate. Don’t hurt yourself though. For example, an individual can be a run, the 2nd a walk. Work on muscle growth also. Essential to get Oxygen to your body frequently.
      • Record daily/weekly in your own personal journal your general health, energy and weight levels.
      • Avoid all Processed and Junk Foods. Very important!
      • Avoid or restrict Dairy products.
      • Avoid or restrict Red Meat consumption.
      • Avoid or limit Alcohol. Alcohol is a huge weight gainer for many and is also a depressant!
      • Avoid or restrict all Bread & Pasta products. Very important! Quinoa, Brown Rice or Spelt products are a potential substitute, but be careful and monitor.
      • Avoid or restrict Wheat, Corn and Potato products for the length of this program.
      • Avoid or Limit Sugar goods – particularly processed refined sugar, including soda and higher sugar juice products. Another essential guideline!
      • Limit your caffeine consumption. Limit and beverage only Organic Coffee. Drink Organic herbal, green or black tea, or yerba mate instead. Use only natural sweeteners like agave or honey and don’t use dairy creamers.
      • Don’t eat too late in the day. If at all possible exercise after your last meal. If you’re hungry in the evening beverage tea, or a little protein, vegetable or vegetable snack.
      • Know about what foods cause you to moody and cause you to gain weight.
      • Take a high quality natural vitamin supplement that will help you system work correctly.

After optimal weight and health is attained you can re-introduce a few of these avoidance foods into your diet, but very slowly and in limited amounts. Watch what foods cause you to gain weight!