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Arthritis is a term which is used extensively to describe a good deal of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. There are various kinds of arthritis: osteo-arthritis, which results from wear and tear on the joints and rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the body’s joints.


The most frequent form is the osteo-arthritis and symptoms may include pain, swelling in the joints and stiffness effecting the assortment of motion in the joints. These symptoms may also be exactly the same if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis therefore that it can get confusing. Other symptoms that you might suffer as a consequence of the first group named above might be loss of sleep, weight gain and even gastro-intestinal problems frequently because of the drugs you could be taking to deal with the arthritis symptoms. Some things which you can do to help relieve some of the pain, stiffness and swelling obviously will also help relieve those secondary symptoms.


You have to keep in mind that diet has a significant effect on your wellbeing. Weight gain may be a side effect of arthritis as pain may hinder your action levels, and that’s why it’s important to try and stay active. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and limiting meats, legumes and grains can help. Sensitivities to foods may play a huge role in arthritis so keep know what your allergies are and what sensitivities can lead to inflammation in your body. Obviously if you’ve got a flare up on your arthritis not too long after certain foods you will need to remove those foods.


It will help reduce your weight reduction and will increase flexibility and circulation in the muscles that strengthens them. The kind of exercise however is important as running around and lifting weights will only serve to increase your pain. Exercise needs to be mild to moderate like tai chi, water exercises like hydrotherapy, swimming or rowing. A heated pool will comfort the joints. Walking can be great especially short walks during the day at times appropriate to you. Yoga can also be perfect for joint mobility but be sure that you check in with a trained instructor particularly if your condition is severe.


It can be a excellent way to help the swelling and pain. Try some aromatherapy oils to aid with the pain. Some good suggestions are two drops each of ginger, juniper and black pepper added to 10mls carrier oil such as grape seed or coconut. Massage lightly around sore joints to ease swelling and stiffness. Alternatively you can use 2 drops each of rosemary, lavender and chamomile added to 10mls of a carrier oil and massaged into the painful area to alleviate the pain. Also, a nice warm bath with Epsom salts, plain salt and/or essential oils will be reassuring and help to induce sleep.


There can also be a range of spices and herbs that could help treat arthritis. Some of them are Ginger Root, Turmeric and Boswellia. Talk to a naturopath about what natural remedies would suit you.