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It’s difficult to get rid of weight, but still completely possible. The cause of this is the variety of lifestyle factors to be controlled in order to be successful. Another reason is the propensity to worsen other lifestyle aspects when you improve one aspect of your lifestyle. Here are the prerequisites for a successful slimming process listed as 14 practical commandments simple to remember. The commandments address shared practical aspects of your lifestyle you have to get control over to loose weight successfully.


      • Eat 4-5 small or moderately sized meals every day. Don’t over-eat at any given meal. Eating regularly offers you a stable blood sugar content which reduces your food craving.
      • Don’t eat between the foods or during the nighttime.
      • Eat some lean protein rich food at every meal, such as lean fish, lean beef, lean journal products, mushrooms or fish. Avoid fat and fat diary products.
      • Eat at every meal some foods with carbs which are consumed gradually, like full corn bread or cereals, peas or beans. You may even eat some potatoes, but not too much because the carbohydrates in potatoes is consumed marginally faster.
      • Eat some fruit or vegetables at every meal. Those will be raw or cooked. Don’t spoil the water out of the cooking, but use it in your dishes to store all of the nutrients from these food sources.
      • You should consume tiny amounts of fat fish, nuts, sunflower seeds or almonds. These food types give you nourishment you want. But don’t consume much of them because they contain great amounts of fat.
      • Don’t add extra sugar or extra fat in your own dishes, except small quantities of organic oils such as olive oil, rape oil, sunflower oil or canola oil. This means also to prevent pouring fat sugar or loaded loaded sauces over your meals.
      • Don’t drink sweet drinks with additional sugar and don’t eat cookies, candies chocolate or snacks. Drink instead pure water or any wholly natural juice and consume rather some organic sweet fruit as desert at the end of these foods.
      • Don’t consume ready made foods such as fast-food or factory-made dishes. Make all of your dishes yourself. Then you get complete control of the amount of sugar and fat you consume.
      • eat only a little consume of alcohol. Alcohol includes energy which leads to weight gain, and excessive alcohol eat makes you loose the control you need for your weight reduction project.
      • Do some exercises which make your muscles work and have energy at least every second day. Exercises allow you to burn more fat and sugar and lead to a bigger muscle mass which also burn more fat and sugar.
      • Get a good sleep every night. Lack of sleep makes you more easily gain weight.

It’s essential to follow these commandments daily each week. You may however allow yourself one meal each week in which you break the rules.

Good to know

If you follow the rules strictly, it is easy to control the rate of your weight loss by adjusting the amount of food that you eat at each meal. Do not yet skip meals or starve yourself. Starving only destroys your health or cause you to give up your thinning project and gain more weight than you lost in the first location.

The ability of your body to burn off fat depends upon getting all vitamins and minerals you need to your bodily processes daily. A supplement of vitamins, minerals and natural sweeteners to your metabolism might assist you in your attempts to loose weight.

It may be tricky to follow the rules by yourself with no daily support from other people, like your loved ones. The perfect thing is having a family or dwelling spouse that supports your efforts. Tell your closest people about your plan and seek their support.

The habits resulting in unwanted weight gain can be also customs of the entire family and ideally the entire family should change their daily habits in a healthier manner.

A fantastic support also suggests that the individual in the family that’s responsible for the cooking, also alter the foods he or she makes for you.

Sadly many individuals fail in their attempts to loose weight since the family isn’t ready to collaborate and because the individual making the food gets offended when you tell you may change your diet in the manner necessary for a successful burning process.

If that happens you should be strong and take up the battle in your own that implies that you need to create your own food. It’s your health and in the last instance your life which are at stake. Don’t allow mistake people sabotage your life.