If you are like me then you want some sleep help. If you tend to have difficulties getting to sleep or wake up at odd times throughout the night it might be that your own body and mind are simply not ready for sleep when you believe they ought to be. Sometimes, so as to have a full night of sleep, first you must educate yourself to relax so that falling asleep becomes more natural: your own body and mind are ready for sleep!

Relaxation and Sleeping

Relaxation and sleeping isn’t the exact same thing, although many would have you think they are. Obviously they’re closely related but comfort being the reverse of stress, it needs to be a pre-cursor to really sleeping because few people sleep well when under great stress.

Sleep is a semi-unconscious condition when our bodies and our minds rejuvenate themselves as a lot of the mass of information that bombards us throughout the day gets sorted and assessed. We all know we need about eight hours of sleep as an adult, but a number people have trouble achieving this. Our sleep aid should come in the kind of sleep preparation commonly referred to as relaxation.

Ways for a Good Night’s Sleep

Here are five unique ways I have used to successfully prepare both mind and body for much needed sleep.


Exercise has been proven to be among the most significant natural stress reducer. One very good way to unwind is to take a day walk or an evening swim in the regional activity center. Yoga based exercises have been quite profitable. I was once told to not allow my football team players to swim before they went to bed, the day prior to the championship final, since they would be too relaxed and not play so well. Actually it was rather the opposite, and they played better than ever!

Sleeping Environment

We have to make sure our sleeping environment is conducive to sleep. Turn off the sound, turn the light down, make sure there is clean air and take some time to perform some pre-sleep relaxation. This might be studying or doing breathing exercises but the environment should be a supportive one or your efforts will be wasted.

Healthy Diet

Consider what you’ve eaten or drank before you try to sleep. Alcohol isn’t conducive and is caffeine but not being hungry or thirsty is also to be considered. Personally I have a bowl of non-sugared, whole wheat cereal and one percent milk, making me feel well fed and yet has few calories. Toast is great: consider something that’s healthy, caffeine free and very low on sugar. Large late night suppers aren’t a very good preparation for a full night sleep because your body does not unwind under heavy digestion.

Slow Down

Another field of comfort for me is using a relaxing hobby which takes your mind away from the day’s issues and functions as a relaxing activity for the mind. Some collect and arrange coins or stamps, some paint and draw others write or ‘blog’. Whatever it is should put you into a condition of “slow down” so that your mind can relax and also the move to sleep is but a short step. I know a number of people whose hobby involves a pet like a cat, and this is the cause to relaxing before sleeping. Sleep help in the kind of a family pet like a small cat or dog to cuddle up to can be an extremely powerful trigger.

Meditate before Sleeping

Most of us have to meditate in some form prior to sleeping. This can take the kind of deep breathing and thinking or taking a long hot bath. Reading helps for a few but whatever the method we will need to involve our mind and body. Listening quietly to books on tape, listening to gentle music maybe in a quiet environment regularly promotes a meditative sleep.


Many people have to train our bodies and minds to relax before we could appreciate a great, deep night’s sleep. Besides ensuring you’re ‘tired’ from a great day’s work there are methods we can use to promote the pre-sleep comfort. Give yourself some sleep assist and devise some comfort methods that work for you.


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