A woman suffering from backache, spinal injury and muscle issue problem isolated on white background.

Lower back pain is more common than we may think–seven million Americans suffer from chronic back pain and 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some time in their lifetime.

Emotions and Body Pain

The lower back or lumbar area is identified as L1 – L5. The mental/emotional causes for lower back pain have been extensively documented through the ages, starting with ancient Chinese medication.

Root cause for lower back pain:

      • L-1: A crying for love and a need to be lonely. Insecurity.
      • L-2: Stuck in childhood pain. See no way out.
      • L-3: Sexual abuse. Guilt. Self-hate.
      • L-4: Rejection of sexuality. Financial insecurity. Fear of livelihood. Feeling powerless.
      • L-5: Insecurity. Difficulty in communication. Anger. Inability to take pleasure.
      • Sacrum: Loss of power. Old stubborn anger.
      • Coccyx: Out of equilibrium with yourself. Holding on. Blame of self. Sitting on older pain.

To Consider

If you or anyone you know has chronic lower back pain–honestly and earnestly examine the mental and psychological causes and search for ways to release and reestablish a new awareness. The quickest and best way to heal the source of bodily dis-ease or skeletal pain is engaging in your mind, body, spirit healing.