Treatment of warts on the sole of the foot and corns with garlic as a natural antibiotic

There are numerous distinct kinds of warts. They’re all caused by Human Papilloma Virus. A wart on the foot (planter wart), can be especially painful. It may interfere with comfortably wearing shoes and enjoying simple pleasures as a walk round the block. These warts can be picked up by individuals who walk barefoot and become exposed to the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus may enter the body through a small cut at the foot or other place physically. If the wart isn’t treated it may spread and it usually does this in clusters.


Of course for those who have a wart on your foot, you might wish to get it removed. There are lots of methods available that could be accomplished by means of a skin doctor. Bear in mind that these can be painful and costly and they’re not always covered by medical insurance. One method is cryosurgery. The wart is frozen which kills it and then it drops off. Another system is electro surgery. This method utilizes electricity to burn the wart. It includes the wart being touched with a needle that’s heated by an electric current. This causes the cells of the wart to be murdered. Another procedure is laser treatment where a high-energy beam of light is used to burn the wart. All these have to be done by a doctor and usually anesthesia is administered. Often the management of the anesthesia is the most painful part of the process. Also these methods can render scaring.

There over the counter techniques you can try for foot wart removal. Salicylic acid is a medicine that’s frequently used for wart removal. Salicylic acid causes the development to be annoyed so that the body’s immune system reacts and gets rid of the layer of yeast and skin along with it. This often does not work for planter warts since they’re embedded deeper than a few layers of skin. Before someone uses this method it’s highly advised that they read all warnings and instructions carefully and potential even consult their doctor.

Home Treatment

There are numerous home remedies for eliminating foot warts that lots of men and women claim work. They are affordable and safe to use, so trying them won’t hurt. One method simply involves washing your feet in warm water many times a day. The water should be not be hot enough to burn you but should be as hot as possible stand to leave your toes in.

Another method that lots of claim works is employing tree tea oil into the wart a few times a day. The tree oil is an organic antiseptic and might cleanse the region of harmful bacteria that can lead to infections. It can soothe skin and assist the get rid of the wart in a couple of weeks.

The Duck tape wart removal treatment is also common. With this, the wart is soaked in warm water and then a bit of duct tape is applied and left on for about a week. After eliminating the Duct tape the wart should be scrubbed with a pumas stone. If the wart doesn’t disappear the treatment ought to be repeated.

A cove of garlic, peeled and cut in half and rubbed on the wart many times each day is also thought to work in removing the wart.

If the garlic does not work try a banana peel or apple skin rubbed on the wart many times a day.


These home remedies have worked for a few so it’s worth a try. They are simple and inexpensive to try as a number of the things needed are found in most houses.