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Figuring out how to focus and keep memory as we age does not need to be a challenging problem to tackle. Much of what we’ve learned about the brain and aging in recent years has shed some new light on this old issue. Some surprising solutions have come from these discoveries.

Memory Factor

We probably all know someone (or possibly are that somebody ) who has problems remembering things and finds they can not focus as they become older. It’s not unusual. We also probably feel that to a certain extent it’s also inevitable. . .just part of aging. However, science is discovering that this may not be only a by-product of getting old, but might have other root causes….causes which are actually in our hands.

Among the causes of why people can not focus and keep memory function as they age is because of reduction in blood circulation to the brain. The mind uses more oxygen than any other organ so any decrease in blood flow “starves” the brain of oxygen and reduces its ability to function properly.

If we would like to examine how to focus and protect memory as we age then we will need to examine how we eat. Taking steps now to reduce “bad fats” and increase “good fats” as well as raising nutrients which help eliminate bad fat from our bodies can help ensure clean arteries and decent blood flow as we get older.

Herbal Treatment with Ginkgo Biloba

Using herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba which can help increase cerebral blood flow may also help answer this question of how to focus and remember as we age. Many studies are performed on Ginkgo and have supported its impact on helping the brain work better.

Studies are also suggesting that those who can not focus and recall as a result of age associated decline, Alzheimer’s or dementia may have damage to brain cells caused by free radicals. They are finding that people who have diets high in antioxidants that protect against free radicals appear to have less issues with these kinds of brain disorders. While not the sole reason for all these diseases, it might be a huge element in them. Again, this is something which we control at the moment by how we consume.

Figuring out how to focus and stay sharp as we age may also be associated with how we exercise our brains. Just as our bodies need exercise to stay healthy and fight aging so do our brains. Scientists who have studied aging and its impact on the mind have noted that individuals who retain function in their later years are those who actively work their brains.

They discovered that individuals who pushed their brains by doing crosswords, brain teasers or other puzzles in addition to those who often took on learning new skills or hobbies tended to maintain their mental skills longer than those who were less active emotionally. The point was that people will need to push their heads beyond the ordinary routine. You will need to make your brain function at remember and critical thinking to be able to strengthen these functions. This allows those purposes to stay stronger longer.


Using herbal supplements along with Ginkgo can also be an effective instrument in managing the mystery of how to focus as we age. For instance, supplements using Siberian Ginseng and Gotu Kola also revealed an effect on recall and psychological functioning in recent research. The key to protecting our minds could be in making good use of these organic substances found in some of those plants. The more scientists study them the more they’re embracing them as a viable method of assisting delay age related decline. With all these tools at our disposal we have more control of the aging process than many have realized. The point is that the earlier we start doing something the better off our brains will be.