Man feeling determined climbing up a steep mountain side.

I believe that the majority of us have some sort of “monster within”, a beast. That negative voice that attempts to take down everything that you wanted to achieve. “You can not ask out that girl, she will laugh at you.” “Run 5 miles? Who You?” The entire area will laugh at chubby girl power walking.” “You request a raise, they may just fire you.”

Sometimes you ask yourself: “What do I need in life?” Live and work in Asia? A cool career? Help underprivileged children? A hard, healthy body? Whatever the goal, the monster likes to quash it quickly. The beast would like you to remain in exactly the exact same region or wallow in self disgust. The significant answer is frequently YOU CAN’T!

Usually you can’t even get started without a slew of excuses pouring down. Not young enough. Too young. Too fat. Too stupid. Not enough time. Your mother wouldn’t like it. Your high school coach wouldn’t trust you with it. Etc. etc.. Whatever the excuse, hardly any of these have any merit in any way. They’re nearly always right out to lunch.

There are a couple of ways to deal with this beast within.

1. Get over procrastination by engaging in the action. That’s right, just do the action for 5 minutes. Almost everybody can walk, run, swim, lift weights, practice yoga or work in their pet project for 5 Placing minutes. Maybe 15 minutes for a few people. There are many mornings when I don’t feel like jogging or training. Or writing another book or article. Heck, some days, I do not even “feel” like getting out of bed. I find that if I just do something for 5-10 minutes, my excitement drops into place and I’m closer to being in the groove.

2. Recognize that everyone has off days or set backs. If a sports team, celebrity or carpenter decided they were just going to do when they were really motivated, then nothing would get done. Recognize that EVERYONE has off days. There are days when some athletes perform like amateurs, celebrities appear on place feeling depressed or the carpenter just had a fight with his wife. They do their job. Maybe not ideal work that day, but they still function.

3. Rationalize why you’ve got an issue with your self-image. Someone might believe that their fingers are too stubby and they are constantly “screwing up” for this. Consequently, they will “prove” this reality by fumbling about with anything manual. By digging a little deeper, this individual might discover that they destroyed some things as a child and were informed by a parent how awkward they were. So, logically, a few broken items don’t make a completely incompetent human. This individual would be instructed to remember each the successful things that he did with his hands and visualize doing more complex things like jigsaw puzzles and versions. Eventually, the individual does overcome this terrible self image and stops thinking negatively on auto-pilot.

4. Try affirmations. Affirmations aren’t just repeating something over and over again to brainwash yourself into a belief. People misinterpret affirmations as only robotic repetition. It doesn’t work that way. You must write down what you would like to be true (eg. I am strong and fit ) THEN write down the initial response that pops into your mind. (Eg. No, you are not, you’re flabby and weak). Then, you repeat this procedure until the answers switch or become more precise. (eg. Well, I did climb the Grouse Mountain Grind and I will get fitter should I try). Then you can make your affirmation more precise (eg. My workout is making me fitter and stronger. I’m enjoying my new wellness). Your response will most likely attempt to disagree (eg. Yeah, for now, but you are going to stop ), but will finally begin agreeing (eg. Yes it did feel good yesterday).

5. Make a series of positive statements and avoidance of negative statements. Immediately remove words like do not, can’t and will not and replaces them with do, can and will. As an example, “Don’t be late” is replaced with “be punctual.” Develop more focus and clarity in your targets. Rather than “I have perfect health” believe “I’m progressing to better health.” Since lots of individuals have difficulty in figuring out exactly what they need, write down what you don’t want. Across from what you don’t want (eg. Rude clients ), write down what you want (eg. Happy customers). Then figure out what you didn’t want.

Don’t just read about such tools. Take the 15 minutes to really try them. These approaches are pure gold once you get one of these to work for you. If you are feeling self conscious, simply go to the local coffee shop or library and sit down with some paper and write off. Good luck.