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Aromatherapy is the treatment using essential oils to promote health and well-being. Using essential oils for solving health issue has become a more common and accepted form of therapy in the past several years. The most frequent way of using the essential oils is through massage; nonetheless essential oils can be used in a variety of other ways for example:

Oil burner

Aromatherapy oil burner worked by heating a couple of drop of essential oils in a water bowl place over a tea light candle. Aromatherapy oil burner is the simplest way to profit from essential oil’s scent and moderate curative effect. You can also try a simple mix to go for an oil burner. As a starter, It’s a fantastic investment.

Electric Oil Diffuser

An Electric Oil Diffuser will permit you the capability to produce many fantastic scents and expand them in the air that’s throughout your dwelling. There are various kinds of electrical oil diffuser you can choose now. It’s the very best and simplest way to distribute essential oils in the air. It’s advised for emotional and mental health as well as for diseases effecting the lung, blood and the brain.

Electric Oil diffuser can divide the oils into different molecules to create easier for the odor to be inhaled. And as soon as you switch it on, it is going to last for couple hours.


A Steam inhalation is often associated with treating respiratory illness such as colds and influenza. Add about 10 drops of lavender, walnut or peppermint essential oils into a bowl of hot water, then lean over the bowl and cover your head with towel for approximately tne minutes as you inhale. This treatment is great when you’ve got colds.


If you wish to rapidly purify and freshen the air in your house, or at your office, create an aromatherapy air freshener. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water. Add 5-10 drops of the essential oil of your choice for every ounce of water. Shake well and use it to spray around the room as often as you want it. Remember to shake well before each new spray.

Aromatic bathing

Bathing can be a pleasurable, exceptionally relaxing experience and incorporating essential oils into your bathwater raises the benefits tenfold. Start by adding 6 drops of essential oils or mix in the bath water. The aromas of essential oils fill the area with beautiful fragrances, while essential oils enter the skin pores and relax tired muscles.


When used in massage these crucial oils usually snore with carrier oils, and then applied to the skin. With this, it’s absorbed from the skin, and divides into the cells of the body, your blood and the interstitial fluid. Smothing fragrant oil into exhausted muscle is the most pleasurable ways to relax and unwind.


This technique is a rapid and effective techniques to accelerate recovery from muscle pain and strains after a rigorous exercise, and a cure for bruises, headaches, insect bites, toothache, spots and more.

Compresses can be produced by incorporating 3 – 6 drops of essential oils or mix into one quart of warm water. Stir carefully. Soak a clean cloth in the water, rinse it and apply to the affected area. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Repeated as needed.


Adding essential oils on your cologne foundation is lot more cheaper than you purchased a branded perfume that’s full of compound added. To create an aromatherapy perfume is extremely straightforward. Please see this additional link to begin your signature perfume.


Candle can be used to set the atmosphere and enhance the ambience in many conditions. They may be used in almost any room of your house and provide a fantastic enhancement.
Using aromatherapy candle has a beneficial impact on the body and emotions. The key is in choosing the proper scent to match the emotion or feeling you would like to evoke.

By knowing different methods of using essential oils, you can know which is the right one based on your requirements. I hope that you are more able to create and apply your own aromatherapy remedies in your dwelling.