Close-up of woman's lips with cold sores

In order to quickly cure a cold sore in Phase One (the warning stage ) can help determine the length and severity of this outbreak. While dormant, the Herpes Type 1 Virus, which causes your cold sore is dormant deep below the skin surface in your nerve roots. When the virus senses the perfect conditions, it will become active and travels along the nerve toward the surface of the skin.

The signs!

It’s this motion that you feel like the tingling or burning sensation that signals the coming cold sore outbreak. After you detect this comfortable feeling, you need to immediately do it! Here are a few of those remedies you can use at this important point.

What to do?

      • Apply Ice or a suspended tea bag directly on the affected area. The virus doesn’t like the cold and if you act fast enough, you might slow down or even prevent the cold sore growth. The frozen tea bags contain antioxidants that increase the potency of the chilly in fighting the beginning of a cold sore.
      • Take Lysine supplements to restrict the availability of Arginine. I’ll explain why this is a fantastic thing to do. Both essential amino acids, Lysine and Arginine, play important opposing rolls in the increase of the Herpes virus. Arginine is the principal building block for viral growth whilst Lysine isn’t. In actuality, when enough is present in the nerve cell receptors, Lysine prevents the virus from getting sufficient Arginine to grow and replicate.

Development Stage

Phase Two marks the point at which the virus is developing and replicating cells. As it reaches the surface it proceeds the viral replication and causes a blister on the end of the nerve cell that accounts for the swelling and pain which is so familiar. As this phase progresses you may continue using the frozen tea bag treatment to reduce swelling and help with the pain.


      • Hydrogen Peroxide does a much better job of killing germs than does alcohol. Additionally, it provides additional oxygen into the wound which promotes recovery.
      • Garlic Oil acts as an agent to fight the viral infection and keep the scab from drying out and cracking. It’s ideal to use the oil from fresh crushed garlic or you may cut a fresh clove and rub it directly on the wound.
      • Vitamins C and B are both fantastic stress fighters. Since stress is a key known cause for cold sore outbreaks, these vitamins are essential for both brief therapy and long term health difficulties.
      • Live Acidophilus Bacteria is available in capsule form from the refrigerated section of most health food shops. It may be added to plain yogurt and is effective either cooked or applied directly to the wound.
      • Herbal Mint has antifungal properties that are excellent. Drinking herbal mint tea or using warm mint tea bags to the cold sore can help shorten the length of the outbreak by a significant amount.
      • Aloe Vera is well know as a natural healing agent. Apply the sap directly from the freshly broken, live aloe vera leaves for best results.

The Recovery Phase

As the sore breaks open and Phase Three starts, you might want to keep on using everything at your disposal to accelerate the procedure. If left alone, this stage could take weeks, but you can shorten this time period in a number of ways.

      • Continue using Garlic Oil
      • Continue taking Lysine Supplement
      • Stop using Ice or Frozen Tea Bags as this will decrease blood circulation and slow the recovery process.
      • Start treating with Warm Tea Bags to boost circulation and speed healing.
      • Keep cold sore area clean with hydrogen peroxide or peroxide.
      • Continue Aloe Vera application.
      • Be wary of spreading the virus! It’s in this stage that the virus is most contagious. It is easily spread to someone else or into other parts of the body. The release from the sore is live Herpes virus. Be careful!
      • Vitamin and Mineral Regimen is vital for long term prevention of recurring outbreaks. It requires patience and perseverance to bolster you immune system, but it is the best long term solution.


While all the above represent remedies which work for some individuals, it must be noted that outcomes will vary with every person. You’ll have to experiment and determine the remedy or combination of treatments which work best for you. Be patient and you will get the ideal combination.